Meetup Lean React JS : Interactive Progressive web app + React Workshop

Meetup Lean React JS : Interactive Progressive web app + React Workshop
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Date(s) - 24/06/2019
17h30 - 19h00



Hello thinkers, philosophers, tech experts!

Are you ready to progress in 2019?

Are you tired of developing for android, IOS and web. Tired of having to work on all these operating systems and just want one universal app?

Did you know that if you build a progressive web apps, it saves up to 75% of the costs of a native app (both development and maintenance). With PWA you simply don’t have to make a separate native app, it can work on all devices.

Did you know you can build with offline mode?

So if there’s not internet, websites basically stop functioning. However, we see that some of our native apps still work fine offline because they are self-contained. This means that native apps get a lot more engagement than websites right? So progressive web apps have something called “service workers”, which allow you to store API calls (that can be activated as soon as you get internet again), as well as store any information during the last online access. This is a huge advantage for your cutsomers’ retention & engagement. This also increases performance and speed in comparison to websites.

Did you know that progressive web apps are indexed by google and therefore have much higher conversion rates than native apps?

There’s a huge difference between having to browse for a product you want on the app store than compared to browsing on google. There’s a much higher conversion rate for your application if someone can pick it up and log in through a google search. This also means that there’s no need for downloads. You can also bookmark the progressive web app and you can set it to appear on your mobile home screen just like a native app. For our client, this was important as they did not have access to the app store due to the target market being Chinese. The strict requirement from our client was that they have to be able to access the application online, no app store.

One of the reasons why native apps have a higher retention and engagement is push notifications, seeing instagram, facebook, linkedin notifications popping up on your phone makes you go back to the app.

We will go over how to add push notifications on a Progressive web app to engage your clients.

Let’s save yourself the trouble of creating multiple applications on different operating systems and lets finally learn how to build a progressive web app – let’s introduce ourselves!

1. “React + Progressive Web app” by Simen Fossnes

Diggitacademy recently was hired to create an application for a client that wanted to create the first postcard tourist app that would work as a web app, and on the phone. Here’s the catch: The requirement from the client was that the customer would not download the application, but would access it online with their phone while being able to use native phone features such as camera, video, audio, geolocation etc.

About the speaker:
Simen is the CTO of Sci-code, which owns Diggitacademy product, he’s created the web app which is the next generation tech learning platform. On his free time, he participates in global hackathons in Finland, California, Switzerland, France and more. He is a Conference Speaker and never bores with his amazing presentational skills.

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This will be an online webinar for those in London as we are presenting live in Oslo. But we will assure you a very high quality webinar setup.

Who are we?
Our company Sci-Code’s mission is to provide cutting edge courses to ambitious individuals wanting to thrive in their field in the 21st century. We are sponsored and partnered MaTRIC (Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching), and the Research Council of Norway.

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