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    MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Strategy

    EMlyon Business School

    18 months to become a strategic leader by mastering AI and Data Science

    The aim of this program is to fill in the gap between business and engineer higher education in AI, by providing leaders with an action-oriented approach to master fundamental technological practices, together with a concrete understanding of human and business impacts. The program combines experiential and academic activities to learn how to think, to design and to deploy AI applications inline with a responsible data governance, business strategy and transparent practices.

    In response to the extensive recruitment needs of the continuously growing AI-driven strategies and practices, this program gives you the opportunity to acquire key competencies by understanding, experiencing and doing AI.

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    Approche de la formation :


    Attention, ces informations destinées à faciliter le choix d'orientation du candidat sont le reflet de la déclaration de notre interlocuteur au sein de l'établissement EMlyon Business School et ne correspondent pas à une évaluation coordonnée entre les différentes formations proposées.

    Thèmes abordés :

    • Réseau de neurones
    • Robotique
    • système expert
    • traitement automatisé du langage
    • vision artificielle

    Informations complémentaires :

    Imène BRIGUI is the co-director. She holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Paris Dauphine University
    “Talents that we will train in the MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Strategy will benefit from a broad vision of AI and become the AI strategists all companies need to think, design, build and implement responsible and highly impactuful systems. To get the most of AI and Data Science, it is crucial to natively integrate both ethical and business dimensions. Technology is key, but definitely not enough!”

    Jean Savinien / Program Director. As well as a researcher in data science and mathematics specialized in unsupervised learning on multigraphs and networks, a teacher of data science with a code-first approach, and an enthusiastic practitioner of deep learning
    “AI impacts us in many profound ways, individually, collectively and culturally. Management and business practices and perspectives are being redefined by the development and spread of AI, led mainly by engineering and tech companies. It is high time for managers to acquire the practical and operational know-how of AI and data science.

    Débouchés :

    The program will prepare participants for these specific
    positions and job titles:
    • AI Strategist
    • AI Project Leader
    • Business Intelligence Consultant
    • Data Analyst / Big Data Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Digital Marketing Analyst

    Montant :

    €24,900 for the 2022-2023 academic year. All indicated fees include tuition, enrolment fees, academic expenses, and lifelong membership of emlyon business school alumni network.

    Accès au site de la formation :

    Site de la formation: https://masters.em-lyon.com/fr/msc-in-data-science-artificial-intelligence-strategy?utm_source=actuia_com&utm_medium=referencement&utm_campaign=emlyon_MSc_DSAIS&utm_content=2022

    Informations communiquées par : Nathalie Seux, Coordinatrice media planning et marketing .

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