BRAINCITIES LAB Conference : Limits of AI

    BRAINCITIES LAB Conference : Limits of AI
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    Date(s) - 25/06/2019
    13h30 - 18h00



    The best way to prepare for the future is


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly impacting our everyday lives, our businesses, and our society. Whether its a voice on a smart speaker, augmented reality on a smartphone, or an algorithm determining whether we qualify for a loan, the impacts of AI are felt in families and workplaces across France.

    It’s important, then, to reflect on the limits of this new technology, both what they are and what they should be. How closely should our lives be interconnected with machines? What does it mean to be intelligent in a world where Alexa and Siri seem to know all the answers? And are there any technological limits to where AI will take us next year, or in the next decade?

    The Limits of AI Conference welcome industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers to an event that seeks answers to these questions, and then some.

    On Wednesday 25 June, Bpi France will welcome academic experts and solution providers, businesspeople and ethicists, AI pioneers and startups on the cutting-edge of tomorrow’s AI. Together they will explore what the limits of AI are, what they should be, and perhaps whether there are any limits at all.

    Join us for engaging discussions, frank and honest debates, and impactful presentations from speakers including the inventor of Siri and now Samsung VP Luc Julia, Augmented Intelligence thought leader and OECD AI expert Michel Morvan, and former CERN member, renowned data scientist Daniel Covacich, and more.

    Talks and panels from top AI researchers and experts on Machine Learning and Heads of AI.

    Luc JULIA
    Vice President of Innovation, Samsung Electronics

    Michel MORVAN
    Founder of Cosmo Tech, panelist of OECD & President of IRT System X

    Dr. Daniel S. COVACICH
    Former member of CERN, Chief Data Officer at BRAINCITIES LAB

    Pierre Hoffer
    Director HPC & AI EMEA at HPE

    Maximilien MOULIN
    Senior Big Data Manager at Wavestone

    Thomas Solignac
    CEO of Golem.AI

    Maxime Sabahec
    Business France

    More to be announced …


    Door Opening: 13h30
    Start: 14h
    End: 18h

    Getting here: BpiFrance, 6 Boulevard Haussmann Paris 75009
    Metro: Richelieu – Drouot (line 8 & 9)
    Bus: lines n°20, 74, 85, 30

    Tickets price: 15€ which will go towards local charity A Petits Pas pour Lina (part proceedings will go towards Eventbrite fees)
    A Petits Pas pour Lina (APPL)
    “On avance avec la différence” “We go forward with difference”
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