AI News January 13, 2019

    AI News January 13, 2019
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    AI news January 13


    AI4EU: AI4EU has been officially launched in Barcelona on January 10. It is a collaborative project which aims to mobilize the European AI community and create a collaborative AI platform. This initiative has been founded as an H2020 project with an overall budget of 20 million Euros. Thales will lead this consortium of 79 members from 21 countries. Full article in French

    CES 2019: Approximately 420 French startups made the trip to Las Vegas for the CES. France was the first delegation by its number. We published a non-exhaustive list of some interesting AI startups.

    Axionable becomes the 1st consulting partner of DATAIA : DATAIA is an  Interdisciplinary Institute for Data Research: Intelligence, Values and Ethics founded by CNRS, Inria, École Polytechnique, HEC Paris, Télécom ParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupelec. Full article in French

    European Startup Prize For Mobility: Startups with great ideas to improve mobility only have one week left to candidate to the European Startup Prize for moblity. Full article in French

    Construction Tech startup challenge: Out of 8 laureates, 2 startups provide AI solutions. Combo Solutions and Pricehubble. Combo Solutions released VizCab, a webApp which relies on data science to make low-carbon construction easier. PriceHubble uses big data and AI to provide an analysis of real estate markets. Full article in French


    Only Enterprise AI will benefit from AI: In a tribune, Romain Fouache, VP Strategy at Dataiku explains Actu IA’s readers why the operationalization of projects and the involvement of business teams in AI projects are necessary to leverage a real business impact. Full article in French

    iBorderCtrl : iBorderCtrl is a project of lie detector relying on AI. Those lie detectors will be used to help border screening in several European countries. Read why we think it’s a really bad idea.