CES 2019: Discover some of the french AI startups

    CES 2019: Discover some of the french AI startups
    Actu IA

    More than 420 French startups are showcasing their products and technologies at the CES. However, discovering those who focus on AI technologies might be difficult because they are mostly grouped by regional delegations. A lot of them have developed technologies based on AI, among them:

    DC Brain : DC Brain works on AI applied to smart networks (smart grid, smart logistics,…).

    ESoftThings : ESoftThings develops products and platforms for autonomous vehicles and smart devices.

    Meero : Meero uses AI to automatically improve images and videos quality. It is especially useful for industries such as real estate or retail, but not only.

    Prevision.IO : Prevision.IO is introducting the first self-service AI Serverless PaaS that empowers both business and technical teams. Quickly build and deploy the most powerful predictive models for use cases.

    Snips : Snips is using voice to make technology disappear: Its technology allows you to control devices by voice. But wait, it’s not just another Alexa or Google Home clone. Its technology is totally decentralized and private-by-design! A convenient interface allows you to develop your own voice assistant.

    Vivoka :  Vivoka is a voice recognition specialist. They want to revolutionize human-machine interaction using the human voice. If you are lucky, you might meet Zac, their hologram.

    XXII : XXII Provides real-time analysis of video streams applied to security, retail, industry and smart cities.

    Of course, this is just a short selection. A lot of startups developing great technologies are waiting for you.