Orange, Generali, Sanofi and Capgemini launch Future4care, a start-up accelerator

Orange, Generali, Sanofi and Capgemini launch Future4care, a start-up accelerator

Orange, Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali have announced the creation of a European start-up accelerator called Future4care. The aim is to help start-ups rapidly develop digital healthcare solutions and deploy their tools to make them available to patients and healthcare professionals. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their applications in response to calls for projects or through unsolicited applications.

An accelerator for start-ups specialized in digital health

Future4care is an open-innovation ecosystem and a European accelerator for digital health start-ups. Its mission is to accelerate the development of start-ups and to create an institute offering content related to digital health, in order to eventually deliver a reference label. The institute will offer conference programs, monitor new technologies and practices, and put members of the Future4care ecosystem in touch with external experts. Philippe Peyre, president of Future4care, said of the creation of this accelerator:

“New technologies and data have become essential to innovation in healthcare. France, and more broadly Europe, has the necessary assets to develop the e-health solutions of tomorrow. We are convinced that the combination of the capabilities of large companies
agility of start-ups will enable the emergence of digital solutions that will bring value to patients and
bring value to patients and the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.”

Ecosystem partners and startups will have access to the BioPark Future4care, a 6,400m² space located in Paris that will open in December 2021. There will be spaces for work, reception, networking and meetings. A series of themed labs will also be set up so that each start-up joining Future4care can benefit from personalized support: Creative Lab, Medical/Regulatory Lab, Business & Ethics Lab, Data & AI Lab, Living Lag. Each start-up will be able to imagine, design, text, make reliable and launch its solutions.

A support offer to help start-ups

Agnès De Leersnyder, Managing Director of Future4care, spoke about the offer proposed by the start-up accelerator:

“Future4care represents an unprecedented opportunity for start-ups and, more globally, for all players in the sector, to build the digital health of tomorrow together. The support we are developing for start-ups aims to give talented entrepreneurs all the resources they need to bring their product to market successfully and to offer concrete solutions that improve the lives of everyone and the efficiency of our healthcare systems. We have chosen to offer all of our services on our digital platform and to open a place of work and exchange in the heart of the BioPark in Paris. I can’t wait to see this community grow, where start-ups, industrialists, scientific experts, academics, patient associations, hospitals and healthcare centers will all come together. All of them will help create “made in Future4care” solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.”

Future4care’s offering will be available online from November 2021 through an exchange platform. Eventually, the Future4care accelerator will aim to bring together a large ecosystem of diverse players, consisting of:

  • the four founding members (Orange, Generali, Capgemini and Sanofi) ;
  • about fifteen partner companies;
  • Around one hundred French and European start-ups
  • players in the health, technology and insurance sectors;
  • players from public and private hospitals
  • patient associations
  • regulators;
  • as well as schools and universities.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Industry, spoke out around the creation of this ecosystem:

“I welcome the creation of Future4care, consistent with the government’s priorities to make France a leading country in digital health. Digital innovation is indeed at the heart of our priorities to improve patient care and find more effective therapeutic solutions.”

On June 16, the start-up accelerator will take part in the Viva Technology event, then in September, a call for projects will be launched on the following themes: “remote patient care thanks to new technologies” and “personalized medicine, from diagnosis to treatment”. In November 2021, the start-ups will be onboarded and the service offer will be launched in its 100% digital version. Finally, in December 2021, the BioPark Future4care will be inaugurated.

Translated from Orange, Generali, Sanofi et Capgemini lancent Future4care, un accélérateur de start-up

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