Focus on the “Women & AI” charter of the InterElles Circle for a responsible and non-sexist AI

Focus on the “Women & AI” charter of the InterElles Circle for a responsible and non-sexist AI

Two years ago, the “Women & AI” pact of the Cercle InterElles was launched with the objective of proposing to companies to commit to a responsible and egalitarian AI. Currently, the signatories are sixteen companies from the scientific and technological world: CEA, Dassault Systems, EDF, Engie, GE, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, NGE, Orange, Orano, Qualcomm, Salesforce, SAP, Schlumberger and SNCF.

Two years ago: the Cercle InterElles launches the “Women & AI” pact

The “Women & AI” Pact is the culmination of the “Women & AI” working group of the Cercle InterElles, launched two years ago and led by Marine Rabeyrin. This approach aims to develop a responsible and non-sexist AI in companies. It is based on four axes:

  • Make a commitment: by signing the charter.
  • Evaluate: by rolling out the pragmatic criteria grid.
  • Act: by using the toolbox, which is regularly enriched with good practices and innovations from signatory companies.
  • Become exemplary: by agreeing on a dedicated label.

In addition, the working group is guided by seven “fundamental” principles that provide a concrete basis for implementing the charter at all levels of the company:

  1. AI and Governance Committee.
  2. Compliance by design.
  3. Data selection and processing.
  4. Responsibility and algorithmic ethics.
  5. Assessment of checkpoints.
  6. Diversity of AI teams.
  7. Awareness and accountability.

For a responsible and non-sexist AI

The charter was spearheaded by two members of the InterElles Circle: Marine Rabeyrin, head of Key Account Business Development for Lenovo EMEA, and Christine Dehnel, Head of Sales Team Transformation for Lenovo Global.

Within Lenovo, the initiative has received several supporters. Dr. Jianping Fan, Lenovo Vice President and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Lenovo Research, Igor Bergman, Vice President and Director of Cloud and Software for the Intelligent Devices Division, Calvin Crosslin, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and also Executive Sponsor of the ODP, Fiona O’Brien, EMEA Director of Operations and Channel and also Director of the EMEA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and Lenovo France General Manager Eric Lallier all supported the charter.

The latter was keen to comment on the signing of the charter:

“The French, but also global signature of this Charter by Lenovo is a strong illustration of our long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The development of a gender-neutral and inclusive AI is a crucial issue for the future. Companies have a major responsibility and role to play in this area.

This signature is also a good example of how a local initiative can become a global commitment, to be fully integrated into our diversity and inclusion policy and at the very heart of our business. The strength of existing internal bodies and networks has made this possible. I would like to acknowledge the dedication of Marine Rabeyrin and Christine Dehnel, who particularly drove this initiative in France, and then took it to a global scale through the support it received at all levels of the company.”

Translated from Zoom sur la charte “Femmes & IA” du Cercle InterElles pour une IA responsable et non-sexiste

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