Vivoka formalizes partnership with NXP Semiconductors

Vivoka formalizes partnership with NXP Semiconductors

Vivoka, a Lorraine-based company and French leader in speech recognition with the Voice Development Kit, announced in early January its participation in the partnership program of NXP Semiconductors, the world’s tenth largest supplier of embedded controllers. The addition of NXP’s technology to Vivoka’s voice recognition artificial intelligence solution will benefit customers of both brands.


Vivoka, a French company located in Metz, founded in 2015 by William Simonin, develops a solution that allows any company to add a voice interface to its products, very simply. This solution, called VDK (Voice Development Kit), is suitable for kiosks, robots, mobile applications, headsets… and has allowed it to become the French leader in voice recognition. Vivoka won the coveted Innovation Award in the sustainability and eco-design category at CES 2019. The following year, it repeated the feat in the Smart Cities category at CES 2020 and received the 2021 Start-Up of the Year Award. According to the company:

“Vivoka is a French company specializing in voice recognition artificial intelligence. For the past 6 years, it has been developing a customizable solution to integrate voice into any type of digital media. This technology is able to specialize in order to respond precisely to the specificities of the domain concerned. Vivoka already has operational solutions for e-commerce, hotels, real estate development and smarthome players.”

Vivoka’s ambition is to “bridge the gap between voice technologies and businesses.” To further refine its AI solution, the company integrated TrulySecure Voice and TrulyNatural into Voice Development Kit 3.0 in October 2021. Now, it is joining NXP’s partner program.

A union of hardware and software

Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit will integrate NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 8M application processors that are proven to be compatible. These application processors based on ARM® Cortex®-A53 and Cortex-M4 cores offer state-of-the-art user interfaces with audio, voice and video processing for applications ranging from consumer home audio systems to industrial building automation to mobile computers. The i.MX 8M series is part of the EdgeVerse™ edge computing platform from NXP. William Simonin, CEO of Vivoka said:

“For many years, we have seen hundreds of voice solutions emerge with the same recurring problem: hardware incompatibility. Starting in 2022 with a partner like NXP is a game changer for our company and especially for our customers. We truly believe that the future of innovation has been, is and continues to be a strong link between hardware and software, making solutions safer, faster and easier to develop and deploy.”

Vivoka now fills the space left by and provides more embedded technologies (voice biometrics, audio front-end, text-to-speech…), more available languages (more than 40 in voice commands alone), faster and easier results for businesses, as well as responsive business models.

Translated from Vivoka officialise son partenariat avec NXP Semiconductors

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