The finalists of the INPI Trophies were presented with Exotec and Archeon in the running

The finalists of the INPI Trophies were presented with Exotec and Archeon in the running

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is a public body placed under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs with the aim of protecting innovation in companies. Since 1991, the INPI Trophies have been rewarding innovative companies that give a key role to industrial property. For their 2021 edition, the INPI Trophies are evolving and will reward this year SMEs and start-ups in five categories: “export”, “industry”, “responsible innovation”, “partnership research” and “start-up”.

A jury of experts will select a winner in each category. Hélène Szulc, Managing Director of Tech Sub, winner of the 2008 INPI awards, will lead the debates and votes for this 2021 edition.

For Hélène Szulc, “innovation is a vital process, as in the living world. […]. Intellectual property is one of the legal tools of business: it is essential to consider, with the help of specialists, the opportunities it offers, even when you are a small company […]. My wish, through the INPI Trophies, is to propose examples of success that French entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from, whatever their sector of activity.

Here are the companies in the running.

Export category :

  • CROSSJECT (Dijon, Burgundy Franche Comté), Self-administered emergency medicines sector – Created: 2001, 105 employees.
  • PROLUDIC (Vouvray, Centre Val de Loire), Playground equipment and outdoor sports – Founded: 1988, 300 employees.
  • VAONIS (Clapiers, Occitania), Connected telescopes, observation of the universe – Creation: 2016, 19 employees.

Industry category :

  • BIORET AGRI (Nort-sur-Erdre, Pays de la Loire), Innovation for animal welfare – Founded: 1993.
  • EXOTEC (Lille, Hauts de France), Robots that move in 3D – Creation: 2015, 350 employees.
  • ISORG (Limoges, Nouvelle – Aquitaine), Specialist in fingerprint sensors – Founded: 2010, 73 employees.

Responsible Innovation Category:

  • EXOES (Gradignan, Nouvelle-Aquitaine), Thermal management technologies for the car of the future – Creation: 2009, 23 employees.
  • HOFFMAN GREEN (Rives-de-l’Yon, Pays de la Loire), Towards a low-carbon cement – Creation: 2015, 30 employees.
  • OLMIX (Bréhan, Brittany), Solutions for the agro-ecological transition – Founded: 1995, 671 employees.

Partnership Research Category :

  • DEMETA (Rennes, Brittany), High performance materials and molecules – Founded: 2011, 21 employees.
  • LACTIPS (Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, Auvergne), 100% biosourced and biodegradable plastics – Founded: 2014, 60 employees.
  • SON: SYNTHESIS OF NANOHYBRIDS (Dijon, Burgundy-Franche-Comté), Nanotechnologies for industry – Creation: 2020, 4 employees.

Start-up category :

  • ARCHEON (Besançon, Burgundy-Franche-Comté), Artificial intelligence at the service of rescue services – Founded: 2018, 15 employees.
  • ENERGYSQUARE (Saint-Mandé, Ile-de-France), More efficient wireless charging – Founded 2015, 14 employees.
  • EXTRALAB (Paris, Ile de France), Connected laboratories to monitor water quality – Creation 2019, 8 employees.

The members of the jury

This year’s jury reflects the French innovation ecosystem and is drawn from the private and public sectors.

  • INPI: Pascal Faure, Director General
  • ADEME: Nadia Boeglin, Director of the ecological transition of major accounts
  • Afnor: Isabelle Rimbert, Deputy Director
  • APCI-Promotion du design: Dominique Sciamma, President
  • Association Les Déterminés: Moussa Camara, founder
  • Association of Trademark and Design Law Practitioners (APRAM): Julien Delucenay, Vice-President
  • French Association of Industrial Property Specialists (ASPI): Géraldine Guéry-Jacques, Vice-President
  • Bpifrance: Sophie Rémont, Director of Expertise and Programs
  • Business France: Didier Boulogne, Deputy Director General of Export
  • CCI France: Frédéricke Lonchambon, Head of Business and Regional Development
  • Compagnie nationale des conseils en propriété industrielle (CNCPI): François Delumeau, Vice-President
  • Innovation strategy advisor: Olivier Ezratty, consultant and blogger
  • Delta Dore, winner of the INPI 2020 Trophies : Philippe Chouanne, Head of Intellectual Property
  • Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE): Olivier Deschildre, “innovation and industrial property” project manager
  • Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DGRI): Juliette Thomas, head of the regional action department
  • Curie Network: Stéphanie Kuss, Director General
  • Union des fabricants (Unifab): Christian Peugeot, President.

The INPI trophies were designed by the French designer Ora-ïto. The winners of this new edition will be announced on November 25.

Translated from Les finalistes des Trophées INPI ont été présentés avec notamment Exotec et Archeon en lice

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