GEO: a solution to automate the analysis and visualization of corporate accounting data

GEO: a solution to automate the analysis and visualization of corporate accounting data

Global Entreprise Observer (GEO), the digital financial and accounting audit and control solution, has announced the deployment of its offer within the EXCO Fiducaire du Sud Ouest group (EXCO FSO). The GEO tool automates the analysis, control and visualisation of a company’s accounting data. The solution is already used by several companies and aims to simplify the tasks related to this data.

GEO solution to help companies better manage their accounting data

The GEO tool launched in 2020 is a multilingual solution, accessible in SaaS mode, which aims to provide a concrete response to the needs of companies with regard to their accounting data. BM&A and Be-Ys are the two organizations that developed and designed GEO. The same year, the start-up received the FINANCE INNOVATION label of excellence for the accounting and consulting professions for the creation of its accounting assistance solution.

Sandrine Bourget, Associate Auditor for EXCO FSO, explains the situation that companies are experiencing to manage their accounting:

“Data analysis has become an unavoidable vector, on the one hand, for mission orientation via a risk-based approach and, on the other, for the deployment of audit procedures. In this context, the auditor has two main tools at his disposal: spreadsheets and databases. The former are too “simplistic” and the latter are often too complex to be commonplace within audit teams.

This was also the observation made by Jean-Marc Allouët, GEO’s designer and Chief Operating Officer before he wanted to provide a solution:

“Our GEO solution is accounting intelligence augmented with accounting, tax and compliance services. It provides a global, concrete and simple response to the needs of companies for analysis and control of accounting data, while facilitating exchanges and collaboration between the various professionals involved within companies.”

EXCO FSO joins companies using the GEO solution

On June 8, 2021, the GEO solution formalizes the deployment and integration of its offering within the EXCO FSO Group. At present, companies such as Elior, Edenred, Sixt and SPIE are already using GEO to manage their accounting data. Jean-Marc Allouët commented on the arrival of GEO at EXCO FSO:

“We are proud to support a major group such as EXCO Fiduciaire du Sud Ouest. This new mark of confidence further strengthens our determination to offer an innovative and relevant solution to help our businesses evolve. EXCO Fiduciaire du Sud Ouest is not just a new user of GEO, it is also an important and innovative player, contributing to its development by sharing its best ideas with us, and those of its customers, always with the aim of having the most relevant and powerful solution.”

Referring first to the observation of the accounting management situation of many companies, Sandrine Bourget explained the reasons that convinced EXCO FSO to adopt the GEO solution:

“Faced with this observation, the EXCO FSO Group wanted to make available to all its auditors a simple and insightful tool that would make it possible to popularise the use of the data made available by the FEC, general ledgers, journals … GEO thus offers us the possibility of making the data speak (accounting quality, detection of atypical situations, legal compliance….) and to use them in accordance with the requirements of our professional practice standards (traceability, documentation of the work …).”

With this integration into EXCO FSO, GEO is continuing to conquer new markets and wishes to continue in this vein in order to help as many accounting professionals as possible to manage the large volumes of data they process on a daily basis.

Translated from GEO : une solution pour automatiser l’analyse et la visualisation des données comptables des entreprises

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