AI News February 4, 2019

AI News February 4, 2019

IBM announces its installation in Paris-Saclay and the opening of a co-innovation center in artificial intelligence.

The first offices will open in March 2019. The co-innovation center will be launched within 2 years and will host 100 engineers on-site. This announcement has been made on the occasion of the “Choose France” summit held by IBM. Full article in French

Agri-food and AI : Microsoft partnerships with InVivo, the first agricultural cooperative group in France.

This partnership is part of the “Innovation IA” initiative, with which Microsoft plans to accelerate the deployment of innovative projects in strategic sectors for France: agri-food, health, environment, energy, financial services and transports. Full article in French

OpenData : new European agreement on public data.

On January 22, the EU negotiators, the Council of the EU and the Commission met in Brussels to discuss the digital single market and the data issue. At the end of the day, they reached an agreement on a revised directive. It should facilitate the provision and sharing of public sector data. Full article in French

AI & ML : Carrefour opens a digital Hub dedicated to digital transformation

Carrefour, a French multinational retailer which partnered with Google in 2018 will open a digital hub dedicated to AI and ML next to Station F on March 4, 2019. Full article in French

The Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées will lead the new UNESCO chair on “Ethics, science and society”.

This chair will aim to promote collaborative research on societal issues raised by technological innovation (research ethics, biotechnology, environment, health, digital, information science) and to provide a training and education offer in ethics Sciences. Full article in French

ColRobot: The European collaborative robotics project unveils its first “Colbots”.

ColRobot focuses on collaborative Robotics for Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing. It is part of the European H2020 project. Colbots are meant to be used in industries such as automotive (Renault) or aerospace (Thales). Full article in French

“Ecole IA Microsoft” (Microsoft AI School) : We interviewed Laurent Cetinsoy

Microsoft and Simplon opened the Ecole IA Microsoft in March 2018. It allow students from a variety of backgrounds to embark on a free, intensive seven month-course to become data technicians. From september 2018, new promotions started opening in conjunction with companies and startups. Laurent Cetinsoy, an AI trainer, explained us the concept of this school. Interview in French