AI News January 21, 2019

    AI News January 21, 2019

    Genopole launches a call for application to its Shaker and Booster programs

    Genopole is an association of 87 companies, 17 research labs, 28 platforms, and universities. This cluster is dedicated to research in Genetics and Biotechnologies applied to the environment. The shaker program helps laureates turning their innovative projects into businesses while the Booster program helps them raising funds. Full article in French

    French strategy for AI: Focus on the HPC-IA supercomputer

    On January, 8, the French Ministry of higher education, research and innovation announced the acquisition of one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe. The HPC-IA costs 25 million euros and reaches a performance of 14 petaflops. With this supercomputer, France becomes the 12th country with the most computing power in the world, and the 3rd in Europe, after Switzerland and Germany. The acquisition of this supercomputer is part of the French Strategy for Artificial Intelligence announced on the end of November 2018.

    Funded by GENCI, the supercomputer is installed in the IDRIS (Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific Computing) computing center,  the major center of very high performance intensive numerical computation for the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Full article in French

    Saagie officially opens its AI research lab

    On Monday, January 14, Saagie announced the official opening of its research laboratory. Announced last year, the creation of this laboratory allows Saagie to volunteer its expertise and skills in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. An inspiration and aspiration wanted by its founder, Arnaud Muller. According to him, public-private cooperation and research, the ability of stakeholders to analyze and make the most of their data are the best ways to make AI the cornerstone of innovation for the common good. The pole aims, in particular, to work on “the learning of data representation by Deep Learning models in a weakly supervised context”. Saagie’s research lab is also supported by partners such as Airbus, DGA, and Litis. Full article in French

    GENCI : 600 millions hours of computing free of charge for open science projects

    Genci has launched a call for open-science projects. The projects will be selected on the criterion of scientific excellence. Applications must be submitted until February 7. Full article in French

    The MIAT unit designed an artificial hyper-stable self-assembling protein

    The MIAT ( Applied Mathematics and Computation unit of Toulouse) has designed an hyper-stable protein in collaboration with KU Leuven and the RIKEN Institute. They used Toulbar2,  an open-source C++ solver for cost function networks which is able to solve various combinatorial optimization problems. Full article in French

    François Sillion named Director of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Centre in Paris (ATCP)

    ATCP is Uber’s first R&D center outside of North America. François Sillion and his team are currently working on Uber AIR. He his a renowned specialist of AI, computer vision and image synthesis.  Full article in French

    The ACPR launches a public consultation on the impact of AI on the financial sector

    Full article in French