LXRepair and the Gustave Roussy Institute join forces to personalize cancer radiotherapy with Radio Care

LXRepair and the Gustave Roussy Institute join forces to personalize cancer radiotherapy with Radio Care

LXREPAIR, a biotech specializing in the development of predictive in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for cancer therapies, and the Gustave Roussy cancer center, have announced the establishment of a joint laboratory called “RADIO CARE”, winner of the LABCOM program of the French National Research Agency. The objective of RADIO CARE is to exploit LXRepair’s technologies to develop clinical proof of concept and products in new indications involving radiotherapy and to extend the test to tumor response prediction and chemotherapy. CE marking of the predictive radiotoxicity test is expected in 2024.

The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has been studying the impact of radiation on DNA for several decades. This research has led to a good understanding of the essential mechanisms of DNA repair. Recently, a set of innovative biomarkers has been developed, providing a complete functional signature for these mechanisms. This signature is now being exploited in powerful tools for personalized cancer treatment.

The Radio Care laboratory is part of this approach and relies on Gustave Roussy’s expertise in cancer radiotherapy and the DNA repair assay platform developed by LXRepair.

LXREPAIR, founded in 2013, specializes in the development of IVD tests to predict response to cancer therapies using the technology of its SPOT-LX platform. From a blood sample or biopsy, these unique tests establish functional signatures of DNA repair markers, detectable on a microarray.

In contrast to the genomic approach, the functional approach highlights the actual efficiency of the activities of a set of DNA repair mechanisms. These advantages make LXRepair’s tests more relevant and informative than other repair tests in identifying DNA repair defects responsible for therapeutic failure and toxicity. The oncologist will be able to personalize the patient’s radiation or chemotherapy treatment based on this information.

Gustave Roussy is a global centre of expertise entirely dedicated to cancer patients, ranked first in Europe and fifth in the world in the fight against cancer. The institute, which treats all cancers, is an expert in rare cancers and complex tumors. It welcomes nearly 50,000 patients each year and offers its patients personalized care that combines innovation and humanity. A quarter of the patients treated are part of clinical trials at the two sites, Villejuif and Chevilly-Larue.

Gustave Roussy and LXRepair have therefore combined their expertise to set up the RADIO CARE laboratory, winner of the LABCOM program of the French National Research Agency.

The RADIO CARE laboratory will use LXRepair’s technologies to :

  • developing clinical proof of concept and products in new indications involving
    indications involving radiotherapy;
  • to extend the test to the prediction of tumor response, and to chemotherapy.

Prof. Eric Deutsch, radiation oncologist, head of the Department of Radiotherapy at Gustave Roussy, head of the Inserm 1030 joint research unit and professor of oncology-radiotherapy at Paris-Saclay University explains:

“Radiotherapy, which is the second curative treatment for cancer after surgery, has gained a high level of precision in terms of technology, but is lagging behind in terms of personalisation of management. Indeed, the individual hypersensitivity of patients to radiation is not currently taken into account due to the lack of relevant and easily measurable biomarkers in clinical routine. This partnership with LXRepair is key to enhancing the results of our translational research projects in radiotherapy and ultimately improving the management of our patients with predictive diagnostic tests for treatment response.”

Sylvie Sauvaigo, PhD, President and Scientific Director of LXRepair, adds:

“Making our proprietary tests available to oncologists for the global measurement of a set of enzymatic biomarkers of DNA repair from a blood sample fills an important medical need. The result of these tests is a functional signature that will predict the efficacy or toxicity of a treatment. We are at a turning point in the quest to personalize radiotherapy and this collaboration with Prof. Eric Deutsch shows that expectations are high in the clinic. RADIO CARE is a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of personalized radiotherapy and is a credit to us.”

Stéphane Altaba, CEO, Managing Director of LXRepair concludes:

“This partnership is a strategic rapprochement between Gustave Roussy and LXRepair around a real medical need. For LXRepair, it is a new step towards the adoption of our technology by oncologists and the validation of clinical biomarkers, beyond the breast or prostate cancer indications that are already in the clinical confirmation phase, and for which the launch of the Safer RAD-LX kit is planned in 2024.”

Translated from LXRepair et l’institut Gustave Roussy s’associent pour personnaliser la radiothérapie du cancer avec Radio Care

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