French Tech DeepNum20 unveils the 20 winners of its 1st edition

French Tech DeepNum20 unveils the 20 winners of its 1st edition

This Thursday, October 27, 2022, Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of Digital Transition and Telecommunications and Clara Chappaz, Director of the Mission French Tech announced the list of winning start-ups of the1st edition of the French Tech DeepNum20, among which 6 are addressing the field of AI, including Aleia.

As part of France 2030, the government has launched several strategies to support the development in France of digital technologies at the origin of deep tech start-ups, and thus contribute to the industrial and technological sovereignty of our country (AI strategy, Cybersecurity strategy, Cloud strategy …)

The French Tech Mission contributes to these actions of support of the State with several programs of accompaniment dedicated to the start-ups which propose innovations of rupture, within the framework of the strategy France 2030.

The French Tech DeepNum20 program is thethird of these programs, after the Green20 and Agri20 programs. It aims to strengthen the support of French start-ups operating in the priority digital sectors of the France2030 plan: AI, cloud, nanoelectronics, electronic chips, robotics, 5G, quantum technologies, space, digital greening and cybersecurity.


The selected start-ups will benefit from one year of personalized support from the relevant government departments, via the network of French Tech correspondents present in more than 60 administrations and public services, as well as integration into certain economic diplomacy actions and opportunities, particularly in terms of visibility, in France and internationally.

The 20 winning start-ups of the 1st edition

  • Aleia: Founded in 2021, the start-up offers private and public organizations a fully sovereign, open and modular AI SaaS solution. It brings together the best editors to accelerate and industrialize AI projects with multiple applications: mobility, energy transition, cybersecurity…
  • Alice & Bob: Founded in 2020, Alice & Bob is taking on the challenge of building an ideal quantum computer, from the first building block to the entire machine.
  • Amiral Technologies: a CNRS spin-off, the start-up offers DiagFit, a blind failure prediction software for predictive maintenance in the industrial sector.
  • Cailabs: created in 2013, the start-up designs, manufactures and sells solutions in the field of photonics. It exploits a unique technology for manipulating the shape of light, Multi-Planar Light Conversion (MPLC) to increase the performance of optical fibers.
  • Clever Cloud: Founded in 2010, specializing in IT automation, the srtart-up creates and provides the software building blocks necessary for flexible deployment of applications on self-service PaaS architectures.
  • Firecell: the start-up offers companies private 4G and 5G networks to cover the connectivity needs of their own facilities (warehouses, factories, office buildings, outdoor spaces…)
  • Ganymed Robotics: created in 2018, the start-up develops computer vision software and robotic technologies dedicated to orthopedic surgery.
  • Giskard: the startup offers a CI/CD platform for open-Source & Self-hosted ML models to eliminate bias.
  • Glimps: founded in 2019, the startup specializes in automating enterprise IT security and malware detection processes using artificial intelligence…
  • Iadys: founded in 2016, the startup offers solutions combining AI and robotics for the preservation of the aquatic environment, including Jellyfishbot, a compact and robust cleanup robot that autonomously or remotely collects waste and hydrocarbons from the water surface.
  • Kermap: created in 2017, the start-up offers geo-intelligence services for territories to public and private actors with the aim of simplifying access to geographic data from Earth observation, including the Klover platform.
  • Lexistems : created in 2016, the company develops solutions for data processing and the piloting of systems and applications based on the meaning and name of keywords.
  • MyDataModels: created in 2018, the start-up has developed TADA, a predictive analysis platform.
  • Olvid: the startup has developed an open source encrypted instant messaging app, available for free on Android and iOS, which allows multimedia messages to be exchanged over the Internet.
  • Pasqal: the company makes quantum information processors that tackle complex problems, from basic science to grand challenges.
  • Qarnot Computing: the startup has developed a platform focused on reusing waste heat, allowing data centers to reduce their computation-related carbon footprint by an average of 75%
  • Quandela: founded in 2017, the company has developed Prometheus, the first photonic qubit generator with broad application areas including quantum cryptography, quantum computing or quantum sensors
  • Scintil: the start-up provides advanced photonic integrated circuits on silicon with monolithically integrated lasers and optical amplifiers.
  • Snowpack: the startup offers Snowpack Network Overlay, a network of servers avoiding identification, geolocation and data interception.
  • Spaceable: created in 2018, the start-up, an expert in space situational awareness, offers two disruptive solutions to preserve the space environment: ISSAN, a platform combining AI, blockchain and cryptography and Orbiter, an inspection satellite
  • Spectronite: specializing in the design of radio equipment to support the deployment of mobile operators’ 5G and 4G networks, the start-up has developed a new generation of backhaul radio.
  • XXII: created in 2015, XXII is one of the French leaders in computer vision software. Its SaaS platform for the deployment and parameterization of algorithms for real-time video analysis XXIICORE is used by cities, amusement parks, stadiums, airports, train stations, companies…

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