Astek and Craft AI present their machine learning solution for cybersecurity

Astek and Craft AI present their machine learning solution for cybersecurity

As part of their partnership, Astek and Craft AI presented their first solution in the field of cyber security. The company specializing in engineering, technology and information system consulting, and the French AI start-up, have together developed an authentication system based on behavioral analysis of computer system usage. Machine learning is at the heart of the tool proposed by the two companies.

A partnership to develop innovative solutions

The partnership established between Craft AI and Astek aims to design AI solutions by combining the strengths of both companies. The first one, Astek, has the necessary skills in storage, in the industrial provision of the exploited data and in the development of applications restituting the results. The second, Craft AI, develops AI systems thanks to its know-how, from training to the production and maintenance of machine learning models.

Chahram Becharat, CEO of Craft AI, spoke around the partnership:

“Craft AI and Astek share the vision that Artificial Intelligence is a performance generator. When integrated into business tools, it brings phenomenal productivity gains, enables the automation of many tasks and provides a significant competitive advantage. It’s an opportunity for Craft AI to leverage Astek’s expertise to accelerate our development and continue building an explainable artificial intelligence champion.”

Julien Gavaldon, CEO of Astek, adds:

“Craft AI’s know-how, coupled with Astek’s expertise, will allow us to implement projects ranging from predictive maintenance to improving building energy efficiency and many more. This partnership is a new opportunity for research and innovation and is fully in line with our desire to be a constant force of proposal for our customers.”

A machine learning solution in the cybersecurity sector

The tool proposed by the two firms is a fraudulent use detection system. Based on artificial intelligence, more precisely on machine learning, a database has been exploited by Craft AI so that the model can be trained.

The application, designed by the teams of Aster and Craft AI, is integrated into the users’ equipment to save data that can identify a user by his behavior while guaranteeing the identity of the person. If the system has any doubt, a second password is requested. If the suspicion remains, the system reinforces its security procedures. Thanks to this, the system has :

  • The ability to continuously learn behaviors that evolve over time and according to the context. Thus, the same user may behave differently if he works in his native language or in a foreign language,
  • The ability to quickly detect suspicious behavior from a small data set.

Both companies say their solution preserves data privacy and security while allowing the user to maintain control over the technology.

Translated from Astek et Craft AI présentent leur solution de machine learning dans le domaine de la cybersécurité

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