800 million of the France 2030 plan dedicated to Robotics.

800 million of the France 2030 plan dedicated to Robotics.

On Monday 25 October, during the visit of the Sileane group in Saint-Etienne, Emmanuel Macron announced that the France 2030 investment plan would allocate 800 million euros to the robotics sector. 400 million will go to support industrial site projects, the other half of the envelope will support laboratory projects, technological platforms and innovative companies.

Sileane is a company specialising in robotics, vision and artificial intelligence. It produces robots designed to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. It is a model of the companies that France 2030 wishes to support. During the visit, Mr Macron told Sileane’s teams:

“To reindustrialize France, we need to robotize, to digitize our industry, to catch up.”

“Investing in this sector avoids relocating to low-cost countries”

Reindustrializing France

Mr Macron said 400 million will come“to help players in the production of intelligent machines and robots with embedded intelligence software“, with a first call for projects in the next few days“to move towards even more complexprojects “, as well as 400 million “to accompany the transformation of industrial sites that are going massively towards intelligent machinery”.

Robotisation will reduce the arduousness of jobs and therefore the risks of musculoskeletal disorders. The president of the republic added:

“We are going to help deploy a real industrial transformation that will allow France to be reindustrialized, rather than looking at solutions from 30 years ago”. “Nostalgia is not a good advisor”.

In the coming weeks, Mr Macron is expected to continue his visits to companies, including factories for a better understanding of the France 2030 plan.

Translated from 800 millions du plan France 2030 consacrés à la Robotique.

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