HealthTech 2021 Awards: France Biotech unveils the winning companies

HealthTech 2021 Awards: France Biotech unveils the winning companies

France Biotech, an association of health innovation entrepreneurs, unveiled the 7 companies awarded this year at the HealthTech 2021 awards ceremony held at the Eiffel Tower theatre. More than a hundred companies had applied, demonstrating the dynamism, expertise and scientific and technological excellence of the French HealthTech ecosystem.

Arkhn, Aqemia, OncoDiag, Alderaan Biotechnology, CorWave, Healshape and Robeauté won over the 17-member jury. The HealthTech 2021 Awards were organized with the support of Agile Capital Markets, AMGEN, DENTONS, ICOSA, and in partnership with Angels Santé, BiotechFinances, the network of healthcare clusters (Atlanpole Biotherapies, Biovalley France, Clubster NSL, Eurobiomed, LyonBiopôle, Medicen Paris Région), Biotech & Santé Bretagne and the SIDIV.

Arkhn: Winner of the Young Healthtech Company Award

The HealthTech Young Company Trophy was awarded to Arkhn (Ile-de-France) by Julien Le Guyader, Partner at Dentons Paris and Eric Cohen, CER and founder of Agile Capital Market.

Aqemia: Winner of the E-health Trophy

The E-health Trophy was awarded to Aqemia and presented to its President and co-founder, Maximilien Levesque, by Antoine Tesnière, Director of PariSanté Campus and Stéphane Tholander, Coordinator of the E-health Commission of France Biotech and President of Cibiltech.

OncoDiag: Winner of the Medical Diagnostics Trophy

The Medical Diagnostics Trophy was awarded to OncoDiag (Normandy) and presented to its Chairman and CEO, Claude Hennion, by Émilie Royère, General Manager of Eurobiomed, representative of the Health Competitiveness Clusters Network and Claire Verschelde, Co-Founder of ICOSA

Alderaan Biotechnology: Biotech Trophy Winner

The Biotech Trophy was awarded to Alderaan Biotechnology (Ile-de-France) and presented to its Chairman, Arnaud Foussat, by Marc Le Bozec, Head of Private Equity at the Arbevel fund and Gérard Friedlander, General Delegate of the University of Paris Foundation.

CorWave: Medtech Trophy Winner

The Medtech Trophy was awarded to CorWave (Ile-de-France) and presented to its CEO, Louis de Lillers, by Guirec Le Lous, President of Medtech in France and President of Urgo Médical and Bernard Kirsch, President of Angels Santé.

Sophie Brac de la Perrière: Winner of the Women’s Healthtech Entrepreneurship Trophy

The Women’s Healthtech Entrepreneurship Trophy was awarded to Sophie Brac de la Perrière, co-founder and CEO of Healshape (Rhône-Alpes) and presented by Corinne Blachier Poisson, CEO of AMGEN France and Florence Lustman, President of the French Insurance Federation.

Robeauté: Winner of the Coup de Coeur Trophy

The Coup de Coeur Trophy was awarded to Robeauté and presented to its two directors, Bertrand Duplat (CEO) and Joana Cartocci (COO), by Frédéric Collet, President of the LEEM and Philippe Lamoureux, Director General of the LEEM.

Translated from Trophées de la HealthTech 2021 : France Biotech dévoile les entreprises récompensées

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