Focus on the APP “Organizational innovations associated with a technological or digital solution” launched by the ARS Ile-de-France

Focus on the APP “Organizational innovations associated with a technological or digital solution” launched by the ARS Ile-de-France

The ARS Ile-de-France wishes to “promote access for all Ile-de-France residents to innovations that significantly improve their care, as close to home as possible”. Following the second call for Innovators” projects on June 23, this APP, launched in July, concerns the implementation of organizational innovations, based on a technological or digital solution in the Ile-de-France region, that help to improve the working conditions of healthcare professionals and/or the care of patients and users of the healthcare system. Applications must be submitted no later than September 19.

For the ARS, “the compartmentalized organization of health system actors (city, hospital, medico-social, social) requires a rethinking of current models of care, by supporting and promoting innovative organizations that can better meet the health needs of patients. However, it emphasizes that this commitment will only have a real effect if it is carried out in a spirit of effective partnership and cooperation.

The call for Projects “Organizational innovations associated with a technological or digital solution” aims to support organizational innovations based on technological or digital innovations of use: AI, Big Data, telemedicine, medical devices, CE-marked connected objects… that benefit the organization.

More concretely, it is a question of assistance for the implementation of a new organization, resulting from the use of a new technological or digital solution, within health structures and responding to the regional strategic orientations of the ARS Ile-de-France.

By mobilizing organizational and technological innovation as a lever for transformation, priority will be given to the most coordinated and functionally integrated organizations between :

  • Primary care;
  • Referral care;
  • Social and medico-social support;
  • and prevention services,

Eligible projects

Priority is given to projects that allow:

  • To reinforce patient access to a health care pathway (around prevention and care) that is always better constructed on the territory;
  • To alleviate a difficulty of access to care in a territory, in particular the priority territories defined within the framework of the zoning of the doctors;
  • To allow health professionals to set up new organizations or innovative practices;
  • To facilitate the coordination of actors and inter-professional cooperation (delegation of tasks according to protocols validated by the HAS…);
  • To promote training (e.g. simulation, etc.);
  • Involve the patient/user/caregiver (patient experience); Or, more broadly, innovate in the territories by using technological or digital tools in line with the Digital Health Roadmap and the orientations of the ARS IDF’s Regional Health Project.

Special attention will also be given to:

  • Support methods for patients/users/caregivers in their appropriation of the innovation and in their involvement, allowing them to be actors in their own health: therapeutic education, support programs, proposals for complementary services (supportive care, psychologists, dieticians, etc.), collection and consideration of their experience;
  • Innovative solutions that facilitate the practices of professionals, or even automate some of them, in order to reduce drudgery and/or allow professionals to optimize their working time and devote themselves to tasks with greater added value, related, for example, to the care of people.

The innovative digital solution must:

  • either have already been the subject of a proof of concept and have a technology readiness level = TRL greater than 5;
  • or have the CE mark and/or be recognized as a Medical Device.

The total funding granted by the ARS will amount to a maximum of 400,000 euros for 2 to 5 projects.


The implementation of the selected projects will last a maximum of two years from the signature of the financing agreement.

  • Projects must be submitted no later than September 19, 2022, at 2:00 p.m.
  • Selection and notification to the selected teams: week of October 10, 2022
  • Signature of financing agreements: October 30, 2022 (deadline)

Projects can therefore still be submitted by e-mail on the messaging system dedicated to innovation

Translated from Focus sur l’APP « Innovations organisationnelles associées à une solution technologique ou numérique » lancé par l’ARS Ile-de-France

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