Insight Selects Sidetrade’s Order-to-Cash Solution in Five-Year Partnership Agreement

Insight Selects Sidetrade’s Order-to-Cash Solution in Five-Year Partnership Agreement

Sidetrade, an AI platform dedicated to securing and generating enterprise cash flow, announced on September 6 that it has been selected by Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 IT systems integrator, for a five-year partnership. Insight’s goal is to improve employee engagement, customer experience and accelerate invoice payment with Sidetrade’s Order-to-Cash (O2C) solution.

In 1988, Timothy Crown and his brother Eric co-founded Hard Drives International in Tempe, Arizona, now Insight Enterprises, a global provider of intelligent technology solutions, Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™, to support technology innovation, as well as solutions for cloud, hosting, supply chain optimization and services.

Insight employs more than 12,000 teammates worldwide, with customers in the United States as well as Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and the Philippines. The NASDAQ-listed company posted $9.4 billion in revenue in 2021, ranking 373rd on the Fortune 500 2022 list and 6th largest ITS provider in the U.S.

The partnership aims to deliver a positive customer experience as well as improve team efficiency, reporting and visibility into the Order-to-Cash (O2C) cycle. Insight will optimize manual O2C processes, (it employs 130 professionals to process approximately 10,000 invoices per day), ERP systems and data privacy complexities to meet these expectations and deliver personalized experiences.

Lynn Willden, SVP Finance, Treasury and Tax at Insight Enterprises, states:

“Sidetrade will support our growth development, allowing us to effectively manage the present while transforming us for the future. Knowing that we have a partner with years of experience and solid technical know-how gives us the confidence to accelerate and achieve our ambition of becoming a globally recognized solutions integrator.

The choice of Sidetrade’s solution

Insight asked its users to select from six O2C software products the one that they felt offered the best visibility on accounts receivable and ease of use, they chose the Sidetrade solution.

Sidetrade provides a SaaS platform specialized in generating and securing cash flow. Its AI “Aimie” analyzes more than 4.6 trillion business-to-business transactions in its cloud daily to predict the payment behavior of nearly 21 million companies and the risk of customer churn.

With offices in Paris, London, Birmingham, Dublin, Houston and Calgary, Sidetrade serves companies in more than 85 countries, including Tech Data, KPMG, Nespresso, Hearst, Expedia, Manpower, Securitas, Randstad, Engie, Veolia, Vinci, Saint Gobain, Air Liquide, Inmarsat and Bidfood.

Aimie recommends the best dunning strategies, automates actions on the Order-to-Cash cycle, and dematerializes transactions with customers, which improves productivity, performance, and therefore working capital requirements.

Like Insight, more and more companies are looking to centralize their credit, collections, accounts receivable and billing data to achieve a simplified customer experience through digitalization of processes.

Lynn Willden states:

“In a data-driven world, Sidetrade provides us with complementary Order-to-Cash expertise to expand our service offerings and strengthen our global presence. Their solution is easy to use and provides real-time visibility into cash flow. Now is the time for every company to shape strategies that connect, automate and personalize every customer interaction within their finance departments. That’s what we’re doing, with Sidetrade’s expertise.

Bill North, Area Vice President of Sales at Sidetrade, concludes:

“We are pleased to have Insight as a Sidetrade client. Insight’s decision confirms our strategy in North America and gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a strategic player in the technology sector. We believe that Sidetrade’s platform, and in particular its data lake, will enable Insight to meet and exceed its goals.

Translated from Insight opte pour la solution Order-to-Cash de Sidetrade dans le cadre d’un accord de partenariat de cinq ans

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