Event: The 16th edition of the e-Health University Summer Camp will take place on June 28 and 29

Event: The 16th edition of the e-Health University Summer Camp will take place on June 28 and 29

In a few days, the first round of the presidential elections will take place. 15 days later, the President of the Republic will be known, followed by a new hemicycle on June 19. From that moment on, e-health will have 5 new years to move from dream to reality. 5 years to integrate experiments into common law, 5 years to transform proofs of concept into uses. 5 years to make Mon Espace Santé the health space of every French person. 5 years to bring e-health from childhood to adulthood. To highlight the ambitions of this new five-year period and the challenges to be met in order to achieve them, the University of e-Health summer camp, on June 28 and 29, is already a must-attend event.

June 28 and 29: two days to diagnose e-health The University of e-Health’s 2022 summer camp will feature major debates to highlight the major challenges facing decision-makers, manufacturers, e-health startups, and of course patients and citizens.

Catherine Durand, President of Castres-Mazamet Technopole, the sponsor of the University of e-health, and Vice-President of the Castres-Mazamet Agglomeration Community, said:

“One of the major challenges of e-health over the next five years is the personalization of services.

“My Health Space is a first step in this direction, but this step must become a reality and be enriched for the benefit of each citizen, each health professional and the health system as a whole.”

Jean-Christophe Zerbini, Director General GIP esanté-Occitanie continues:

“My Health Space is a major challenge in 2022 / 2023. It will drastically change our daily lives, our relationship as patients with health professionals. It is the culmination of the State’s investment in terms of framing, that of users as an expression of needs and that of publishers to accompany the e-health dynamic in France.”

For this 16th edition, the University of e-Health summer camp will address each topic without complacency by crossing the views and expertise. My Health Space will be at the heart of the major debates (The DMP’s last chance?) as well as the theme of “The instrumentalization of e-health” (can it meet all the challenges facing health systems?) or “The place of e-health in the medico-social offer” (a cautery on a wooden leg or a contribution to the quality of care?).

June 28 and 29: two days to design the e-health of the next five years
In order to differentiate between “buzz words” and real technological advances, the University of e-Health will devote half a day of its summer camp to e-Health technologies and will close with a major debate to define the winners of e-Health over the next five years. Yann Ferrari, e-Health Project Manager and head of the e-Health University program explains:

We owed it to ourselves to put technology back at the heart of the summer camp programming.They are the basis of all reflection: medical, economic, social and ethical

June 28 and 29: two days to exchange and develop e-health
In addition to the debates, which are the main focus of the 2022 program, the University of e-Health’s summer camp will also offer a large number of workshops and conferences to review the legal aspects of e-Health, its ethical nature, the main international advances, digital sovereignty in health, digital inclusion, e-Health on a European scale, etc.

Benjamin Revcolevschi, General Manager Fujitsu France states:

“In my opinion, the e-Health University represents a privileged moment of sharing with varied and inspiring participants in an innovation framework within a dynamic Technopole. Speaking at this event is a real mission, a duty even: to discuss how to put digital technology at the service of health.”

The 2022 business convention will also be one of the highlights of this new edition. “ Last year’s business convention was even more successful than in previous years,” says Virginia Doan, director of the Castres-Mazamet Technopole and the University of e-Health. “ The initial feedback from our major industrial partners seems to indicate that this trend is growing. Is this enthusiasm for the business convention a sign of the search for innovative solutions from the startups present or a consolidation of the e-health market? It’s still too early to tell, so see you on June 28 and 29 in Castres for the 16th edition of the University of e-Health summer camp.

Translated from Événement : la 16e édition du Summer camp de l’Université de la e-santé se déroulera les 28 et 29 juin

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