Data sets: Kili Technology raises $25 million

Data sets: Kili Technology raises $25 million

Kili Technology, a startup that helps companies run high-performance, large-scale artificial intelligence projects with its tools, has announced a $25 million round of funding from Balderton Capital and its original investors, Serena Capital and Headline. This comes six months after an initial financing of $7 million. This financing should allow the firm specializing in learning data for AI models to accelerate its human and technological growth, as well as its international development.

Improving AI performance through better data management

Founded in 2018 by Édouard d’Archimbaud and François-Xavier Leduc, the startup touts its paradigm: “focus on the data, rather than the model”. It is from this point of view that it has developed a collaborative data management platform to continuously iterate and improve AI performance. The goal is to ensure that AI projects can get past the proof of concept stage, and manage to iterate quickly to reach maturity.

François-Xavier Leduc, CEO and co-founder of Kili Technology, explains why it is important to support companies on data to improve the efficiency of models:

“Over the last 40 years, all AI research has focused on models, to ultimately improve their performance by 0.01% or 0.1%. Conversely, building AI from data, allows to iterate quickly and continuously to increase the performance of models by several percentage points. Kili Technology supports companies in this new paradigm to multiply the performance of their AI model.”

Kili Technology transforms raw business data (contracts, customer emails, medical imagery, video, recorded conversations, satellite images) into quality learning data to create powerful AI applications and thus accelerate digital transformation across industries.

A first round of financing to improve Kili Technology’s customer portfolio

Over the past six months, Kili Technology has surpassed its development objectives, significantly expanding its customer portfolio in France and internationally (Europe, United States and Asia), in all economic sectors (banking, insurance, defense, industry, retail and health) thanks to a first round of funding of €7 million from Serena Capital and Headline. Edouard d’Archimbaud, CTO and co-founder of Kili Technology, said:

“Kili Technology’s strength lies above all in the excellence of its technology. The platform integrates state-of-the-art AI solutions, such as interactive segmentation, which reduces image annotation time by 50%, for an accuracy of 94%. These new features simplify annotation and control the quality of annotated data to ensure the performance of AI models.”

A second round of funding to accelerate the start-up’s human and technological growth

Six months after the first funding round by Serena Capital and Headline, the two investors joined Balderton Capital to close a second Series A round for a total of $25 million. Bernard Liautaud, Managing Partner for Balderton, discusses the fund’s investment:

“Transforming unstructured data into qualified learning data involves complex workflows and collaboration between data science and business teams. By taking over the management of the entire data lifecycle, the Kili Technology platform simplifies these processes and allows companies to gain productivity. We are impressed with the technical expertise and rapid execution capability of the Kili Technology team.”

This round, in which several tech names participated such as Olivier Pailhes, founder of Aircall, Dimitri Sirota, founder of BigID, or Chris Schagen, founder of Contentful, will finance Kili Technology’s human and technological growth and its international development.

Translated from Jeux de données : Kili Technology lève 25 millions de dollars

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