Juxta announces a partnership with ASISPO to improve post-operative patient follow-up.

Juxta announces a partnership with ASISPO to improve post-operative patient follow-up.

Juxta, a software publisher dedicated to healthcare centers and a subsidiary of DL Software, a French specialist in business ERP, announced last November a partnership with ASISPO, an AI solution designed by a dental surgeon and an AI Chatbot expert, to facilitate post-operative follow-up. Through this partnership, Juxta and ASISPO propose an intelligent tool to secure the patient pathway and improve the monitoring of care quality indicators in dental centers.

Founded in 1991, Juxta is the creator of Desmos, the first AI-enabled solution for health center management. According to the company, by digitizing the patient pathway, this cloud solution allows them to welcome 18% more patients and to have only 1% of third-party payment rejections. The company has 600 partner health centers and 8,000 daily users.

Improving post-operative follow-up with Asispo

According to the 2021 eSatis survey, 43% of French people who have undergone outpatient surgery say they did not receive any postoperative follow-up from their surgeon in the days following the procedure.

ASISPO was co-founded by Jean-David Wolfeler, a dental surgeon and the company’s Medical Director, and Thomas Gouritin, an AI Chatbot expert, who is the company’s CEO. Régis Rigaud, a developer, joined them as CTO. The AI solution they have developed, in the form of a chatbot, offers a personalized follow-up, which will be adapted according to the type of intervention and the patient’s health condition.

The chatbot adopts a benevolent approach, based on positive communication techniques used by surgeons in the operating room to reduce stress and reassure patients. Moreover, it adapts its speech to its interlocutor, according to his age, his medical history and his pain level.

Functional 24/7, the solution requires no application.

In concrete terms, the patient receives a text message the day after the operation, signed by his surgeon, asking him to click on a link to give him news. The conversational agent then asks the patient how he or she is doing and, depending on the answers, provides medically validated advice.

If the pain is present, ASISPO will check back with the patient a few hours later, and in case of significant pain or other major problem, the surgeon will be contacted to take over quickly.

Thomas Gouritin states:

“Our collaboration with Juxta allows us to offer a large number of dental health centers a real added value in terms of patient support. Patients are not only monitored and listened to in the health center but also when they return home during their remission. The automation of follow-ups thanks to the synchronization of the Desmos diary relieves the daily workload of the medical and administrative staff while reducing the medical risk for patients.

A dedicated tool for dental health centers

Thanks to this partnership, Juxta is able to offer a unique solution to the 500 dental health centers in its network. Designed to manage multiple chairs simultaneously, ASISPO is synchronized with Juxta’s Desmos solution, saving medical staff time while facilitating the daily management of the dental center.

It saves a significant amount of time in managing administrative tasks and facilitates the completion of medical records for each patient. In addition, follow-up data and feedback from patient satisfaction questionnaires provide professionals with unprecedented quality of care indicators for the dental sector.

Romain Léger, CEO of Juxta, states:

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with ASISPO. This collaboration is perfectly in line with our desire to continuously contribute to the improvement of the patient-healthcare professional relationship, and to offer the greatest number of people quality care.

Translated from Juxta annonce un partenariat avec ASISPO pour améliorer le suivi post-opératoire des patients.