Focus on Metanomic’s “Thunderstruck” player analysis platform

Focus on Metanomic’s “Thunderstruck” player analysis platform

Metanomic, a game economics and player analytics company, announced in September the launch of its player analytics platform Thunderstruck, using AI based on Bayesian inference and aiming to revolutionize game developers’ use of behavioral data to improve retention and monetization.

Metanomic is a software company founded in November 2021 by Theo Priestley, Bronwyn Williams and Evan Pappas. A comprehensive real-time economy-as-a-service platform for developers, it uses patented algorithms to easily deploy plug-and-play, interoperable and scalable game and creator economies ready for web3, metavers and play-and-earn games. The company has secured $2.9 million in pre-seed funding.

On May 18, it announced the acquisition of Intoolab AI, a company specializing in Bayesian network-based artificial intelligence, to develop and improve data analysis in video games and on the Web3.

Founded in 2017, Intoolab AI developed TZAGER, which is not just a deep learning algorithm but an AI system with its own framework based on causal equations and Bayesian networks. Designed for biomedical research, drug discovery, and personalized medicine, its main features are biochemical analysis, predictive research/models, and literature review/management.

As part of the acquisition, it was renamed ” Thunderstruck ” and has since extended the capabilities of Metanomic’s real-time game economy engine for traditional and web 3 game developers.

Thunderstruck, the first player analysis platform to use AI-based behavioral analysis

Until now, game creators had to rely on outdated player classification models combined with market research, and fill in the knowledge gaps with assumptions and guesses.

Thunderstruck is the first-ever video game analytics platform to leverage behavioral analysis, using Bayesian inference-based AI to understand data from real-world in-game events pulled directly from game servers. It analyzes player motivations, play styles, and reward preferences, providing developers with live information about players.

After being successfully proven in the healthcare and technology sectors, the solution is now being applied to video games and the Web3 in a number of core applications:

  • Web 3 Intelligence related to game and NFT discovery and recommendation for customized and personalized results to the user or player;
  • Game Economy Intelligence providing economy balance predictions, player categorization, gameplay recommendations, retention strategies and NPC intelligence;
  • Ad Categorization provides player and consumer categorization analytics, both on and off-channel, for in-game advertising networks for more personalized results;
  • DeFI Intelligence, which provides on- and off-channel user profiling for DeFi: insight into asset purchases and revenue for new products and services, reputation assessment.

At the time of the acquisition, Nikos Tzagkarakis, CEO and co-founder of Intoolab, who has joined Metanomic as its new director of artificial intelligence, said:

“Web3 and metavers are the next big things that will affect our daily lives in many dimensions and we couldn’t be in a better place and time with our technology, to take the next step and introduce dynamic Bayesian networks into this exciting new untapped market. From our first meeting with Theo and the rest of the team, we knew that joining the incredible Metanomic powerhouse was our best chance to be part of an unparalleled platform for Web3, gaming economies and the metaverse.”

Translated from Focus sur la plateforme d’analyse des joueurs « Thunderstruck » de Metanomic