Job offer: LNE is looking for an Engineer in charge of the Operations of the Artificial Intelligence Evaluation Department

Job offer: LNE is looking for an Engineer in charge of the Operations of the Artificial Intelligence Evaluation Department


You will be part of a team of about 15 engineers and PhDs, regularly accompanied by post-doctoral students, PhDs and interns, specialized in the evaluation and qualification of artificial intelligence systems. This team is historically recognized for its expertise in the evaluation of automatic information processing systems (language processing, image processing, etc.). In recent years, it has also covered the evaluation of intelligent robots such as medical devices, collaborative industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, etc. It capitalizes on the diverse and targeted know-how of its experts (NLP, imaging, robotics, etc.) in order to jointly provide a satisfactory solution to the need for evaluation and certification of intelligent systems.

It is within the framework of the establishment of an evaluation center for intelligent systems with an international vocation that it seeks to welcome the best profiles of each specialty of AI. The main missions of this future center are: the development of new evaluation protocols, the qualification and certification of intelligent systems, the organization of challenges (benchmarking campaigns), the provision of test environments (databases, simulators, physical test benches), the development and organization of the sector of activity and the definition of principles, policies, doctrines and standards for this purpose.

AsOperations Engineer, you will functionally supervise 8 AI evaluators and evaluation tool developers and your primary scope of work will be the management of activities associated with the execution of commercial services and research projects by the different technical sections (Language Processing, Image Processing, Robotics, Cybersecurity and Equipment and Processes). This will include ensuring that operations are carried out in accordance with the requirements of clients and funders, as well as with the indicators and strategic orientations set by the department manager.

Your main missions will consist of:

  • Ensure the management of services in compliance with contractual service commitments while guaranteeing the satisfaction of clients or financiers, by supporting the project managers and supervising them as necessary
  • Ensure the control of the agreed margin levels for the execution of the services
  • Manage the activities associated with the execution of the services in conjunction with the project managers
  • Qualify and validate the technical and schedule feasibility of the services described in the quotations and responses to calls for tenders/calls for projects in conjunction with the engineer in charge of development and the sales department
  • Ensure effective reporting to the department manager and the Development and Administrative Affairs referents


You have an engineering degree with a specialization in artificial intelligence and a minimum of five years of professional experience, two of which as a project manager.

Your professional and academic experience demonstrates your ability to manage projects both in the commercial sector (private funders, customer relations) and in the research sector (public funders).

Past professional and academic experience in functional team management, project management, organization of activities and consulting (strategy, management or operational) will be particularly appreciated.

You have a very good level of written and spoken French and English.

You will be able to show initiative, with a large degree of autonomy and a potential for creativity that will allow you to fully occupy your area of responsibility with a view to excellence.

Occasional travel in the Paris region, the provinces and around the world (once a quarter) for services or meetings.

Telecommuting possible up to 2 days per week

To apply :

Translated from Offre d’emploi : Le LNE recherche un Ingénieur en charge des Opérations du département Evaluation de l’Intelligence Artificielle

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