Deloitte and NVIDIA strengthen alliance to bring new services based on NVIDIA AI and Omniverse platforms

Deloitte and NVIDIA strengthen alliance to bring new services based on NVIDIA AI and Omniverse platforms

NVIDIA and Deloitte announced on Sept. 20 at GTC 2022 that they are expanding their partnership to help companies develop, implement and deploy hybrid cloud solutions using the NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platforms. Deloitte employees will be able to leverage these 2 platforms to help the company’s customers build and deploy a wide range of AI applications, including digital twins, edge AI, voice AI, recommendation systems, chatbots, cybersecurity…

Deloitte provides advanced audit, advisory, tax, and consulting services to many companies, including nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 and more than 7,000 privately held companies.

The firm has been working with NVIDIA for two years now. The Deloitte Center for AI Computing, established last year, leverages the power of NVIDIA’s DGX A100 systems, enabling the development of cutting-edge AI solutions for many industries: technology, media and telecommunications, government and public services, life sciences and healthcare, automotive and transportation, financial services, and the energy sector…

In addition, Deloitte’s “Unlimited Reality” services, an experience and impact offering for virtual worlds, leverages the Center for AI Computing and the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform for 3D design and virtual world simulation. Deloitte and NVIDIA are also collaborating to create immersive or hybrid replicas of real-world environments and processes to help companies optimize their operations and intelligent decision-making.

Deloitte has been named the NVIDIA Partner Network’s Global Consulting Partner of the Year for 2021 for developing specialized service offerings around NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, NVIDIA Metropolis, and the new NVIDIA DGX-Ready managed services, as well as for adding the NVIDIA DGX POD to its Innovation Center.

Expanded Portfolio for Deloitte

Since establishing their partnership two years ago, Deloitte and NVIDIA have helped enable large enterprises to deploy transformative new applications. For example, the U.S. Postal Service has leveraged AI vision to improve delivery efficiency, another use case for NVIDIA’s new hybrid applications has enabled a global food service leader to modernize the customer experience.

Deloitte’s expanded portfolio of NVIDIA AI and Omniverse services will run in the cloud to provide easy accessibility and scalability. It will be powered by:

  • The NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform for creating custom 3D pipelines and simulating virtual worlds;
  • NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Microservices cloud engine and NVIDIA Project Tokkio application framework for creating, customizing, and deploying interactive service avatars at scale;
  • The NVIDIA AI Enterprise cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software optimized for AI development and deployment. It is essential for building production-ready applications on the NVIDIA AI platform and includes global enterprise support to keep AI projects on track;
  • The GPU-accelerated NVIDIA Riva SDK for building speech AI applications that are customizable for each use case and deliver real-time performance;
  • NVIDIA Merlin open source framework for building large-scale, high-performance recommender systems.
  • The NVIDIA Metropolis application framework, developer toolset and partner ecosystem that bring together visual data and AI to improve operational efficiency and safety across a wide range of industries, including IoT AI devices.

Translated from Deloitte et NVIDIA renforcent leur alliance pour apporter de nouveaux services basés sur les plateformes NVIDIA AI et Omniverse