Microsoft and Worldline join forces to fight online fraud

Microsoft and Worldline join forces to fight online fraud

In June 2021, Worldline, a global leader in the payments and transaction services industry, announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection into Worldline’s digital payment offering. This collaboration was finally made official at the end of March, making Worldline the first payment service provider to fully integrate this Microsoft solution.

E-commerce, already flourishing, has been boosted by the pandemic. At the same time, online fraud has also increased: according to Signal Sciences, e-commerce retailers were facing an average of 206,000 web attacks per month in 2020. More and more Internet users are having their online accounts hacked through increasingly sophisticated methods: the annual amount of fraud is estimated to be around $12 billion.

As the European market leader in payment and transaction services and the 4th largest player in the world for payments, Worldline aims to offer merchants, banks, public transport operators, government agencies and industrial companies sustainable, reliable and secure solutions across the entire payment value chain.

The adaptive artificial intelligence at the heart of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 module will enable it to offer a new generation of hybrid fraud solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Solution

Worldline and Microsoft have created a truly specialized solution that integrates Dynamics 365 into Worldline’s global Merchant Services platform.

The module integration provides pre-programmed anti-fraud controls and adaptive artificial intelligence that can learn to better identify breaches at the customer site and adapt to constantly changing fraud trends. This allows e-retailers to optimize fraud detection and protect their bottom line.

Worldline customers will be able to see how Dynamics 365 works in real time through an intuitive interface. They will also be able to balance fraud and customer experience with a comprehensive dashboard that analyzes false positives and optimizes transaction acceptance rules.

Key features of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection include:

  • Hybrid fraud detection: integration/combination of static rules and advanced machine learning;
  • Use of artificial intelligence via machine learning: adapt to fraud trends and optimize fraud detection;
  • Device fingerprinting: collection of telemetric data from devices for identification purposes;
  • Multi-hierarchical management: the ability to drive a fraud management strategy across all levels of the enterprise.

Panteha Pedram, Director of Fraud and Risk Products at Worldline, states:

“We are very pleased to be the first payment service provider to fully integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection into our online payment solutions. Microsoft is the undisputed global benchmark for fraud prevention, and we look forward to leveraging its expertise and reputation to strengthen our service offering for our customers.”

Robin Brenner, Sr. Director of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection at Microsoft, adds:

“We are delighted with this collaboration that will enable Worldline to offer the latest fraud detection solution from Microsoft to its global customer base. Our modern, cloud-native solution will help Worldline and its merchant customers combat fraud and maximize their profits. We look forward to this partnership as an essential foundation for building tomorrow’s payments and transactional services.”

Translated from Microsoft et Worldline s’associent pour lutter contre la fraude en ligne

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