Inclusive Brains and the CCIAMP join forces: AI for professional integration

Inclusive Brains and the CCIAMP join forces: AI for professional integration
Photo : CCIAMP

Specializing in neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, the Marseille-based start-up Inclusive Brains has created a device capable of imitating certain mechanisms of the human brain. The company has teamed up with the CCIAMP to promote the professional inclusion of people with disabilities.

Inclusive Brains, a start-up for professional inclusion

Inclusive Brains is the result of a collaboration between Paul Barbaste, a graduate of École Polytechnique and HEC, and neuroscientist Olivier Oullier, former president of the world leader in neurotechnologies EMOTIV. The company develops digital twins of the human brain whose goal is to enable people with sensory-motor disabilities to control their digital environment without having to speak or move, thus facilitating their reintegration into the educational and professional world.

More precisely, Inclusive Brains addresses their loss of mobility by developing digital twins of the human brain. The platform combines algorithms, artificial intelligence and brain sensors to optimize the way people with disabilities interact and communicate with connected objects, thanks to a new generation of brain-machine interfaces.

A partnership tested in real working conditions

At the rIAlty Lab, the Aix-Marseille-Provence region’s AI-dedicated experimentation laboratory, Jean-Luc Chauvin, President of the Marseille Chamber of Commerce, signed a partnership agreement with Paul Barbaste, President of Inclusive Brains. The Chamber of Commerce will be the first public organization to host a trainee with a disability. The future trainee will have to contribute to an editorial support, part of which will be written via the brain-machine interface imagined by Inclusive Brains, which will be possible by controlling his or her computer by thought. Moreover, the general public will be able to test Inclusive Brains’ interfaces during events organized by the laboratory.

The two signatories of this first partnership between a public organization, the CCIAMP, and a deeptech startup, Inclusive Brains, congratulate themselves for this collaboration in favor of social and technological innovation and hope that this approach will quickly inspire many other organizations developing technological solutions for social and professional inclusion.

To democratize their AI tool, the creators are offering the general public the opportunity to test it as part of the exhibition “The Mona Lisa, Immersive Exhibition”, co-produced by the Grand Palais Immersif and the Louvre Museum and hosted until August 21 at the Palais de la Bourse.

Translated from Inclusive Brains et la CCIAMP s’associent : l’IA au profit de l’insertion professionnelle