In groupe and CEA launch a research partnership on the future of digital identity

In groupe and CEA launch a research partnership on the future of digital identity

Taking into account the growing digitalization of the economy (e-commerce, digital platforms, cloud computing…), in order to ensure the protection of citizens’ data and the integrity of companies, IN Groupe and the CEA officially launched, on March 28, a research partnership on technologies related to the future of digital identity. In Groupe will thus rely on the research results of the CEA to present innovations in its fields of activity, which are digital identity and border control.

IN Groupe

Created by François I in 1538, the Imprimerie Nationale became IN Groupe in 2018. A partner of the French government for nearly 500 years, it has 1,800 employees, 5 sites in France, 8 international sales offices, 28 partner governments and its solutions are hosted in more than 100 countries.

IN Groupe offers state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services, integrating electronics, optics and biometrics. Its mission is to support governments in the exercise of their sovereignty, protect the identity of citizens and preserve the integrity of companies. Its three affiliated brands, SPS for electronic components, Surys for optical and holographic security and Nexus for corporate and IoT digital identity solutions, each offer leading technologies in their markets.


Founded in 1945, the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) is a public scientific, technical and industrial research organization (EPIC). A key player in research, development and innovation, it operates in four areas: defense and security, low-carbon energy (nuclear and renewable), technological research for industry and fundamental research (material and life sciences). The CEA has nine centers throughout France and is developing numerous partnerships with other research organizations, local authorities and universities.

The In Groupe-CEA research partnership

The three main areas of joint research are

  • Decentralized identity and interoperable blockchain in the context of the ongoing European reflections on digital identity;
  • Image fraud detection (deepfake, antispoofing) for identity related to border crossing;
  • RAE (Risk Analysis Management) for risk analysis at border crossings.

Digital identity, an essential basis for the economy and digital exchanges, must be based on trusted, sovereign and flexible solutions. The possibilities offered by the latest technologies such as blockchain or analytics engines are not yet fully exploited, but they are already contributing to the improvement of many data processing operations.

The technologies developed around digital identities must ensure the security and trust of nations and governments. They are now associated with widespread use and increasingly leverage the various attributes of citizenship. As a long-standing partner of nations in the design of secure identity documents and solutions, IN Groupe pushes even further the current technologies to offer a maximum balance between security and usage. Its expertise in the fields of digital identity and the decisive role of the CEA at the heart of important innovation ecosystems will be the pillars of this partnership.
Didier Trutt, CEO of IN Groupe, states:

“Anticipating and preparing for disruptive technologies in the field of identity means ensuring, today and tomorrow, the protection of the identity of the French. This requirement is at the heart of the mission that IN Groupe carries out every day on behalf of the State. I am delighted that this partnership, which benefits from the excellence of the CEA, can contribute to the future of identity in Europe.

Stéphane Siebert, director of technological research at CEA adds:

“Because digital transformations offer new opportunities while imposing the increase of dematerialized exchanges, it becomes fundamental to (re)build trust in identity . Now that we are working alongside the long-standing specialist in this field, we are pleased to contribute to tomorrow’s innovative solutions to ensure privacy protection, prevent identity theft and guarantee compliance with recent anti-fraud standards.”

Translated from In groupe et le CEA lancent un partenariat de recherche sur le futur de l’identité numérique 

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