Imki, a startup specializing in the design and development of generative AI, will present “We are Legends” at IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

Imki, a startup specializing in the design and development of generative AI, will present “We are Legends” at IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

During the IAAPA Expo Europe 2022, which will take place from September 12 to 15 in London, IMKI, a startup from Alsace specializing in the design and development of generative AI, will present “We are Legends”, a turnkey solution for immersive and interactive experiences, based on deepfake technology, to develop an attraction in which the visitor becomes the hero.

Founded in October 2020 in Strasbourg by Frédéric Rose, IMKI’s objective is to offer the Creative and Cultural Industries new tools to develop innovative immersive and interactive media and experiences for broadcasting, events and entertainment. IMKI develops customized generative AI according to its clients’ requests and expectations, either by imagining complete software solutions, such as autonomous content generators, or by integrating them into a production chain, as for cinema special effects (Deepfake, lip-synchronization…).

IMKI recently won the START-UP CONTEST 2022 at SITEM, the international museum trade show, which took place from June 28 to 30 in Paris. It also won 1st prize in the “Technological Innovations” category, which rewards young innovative companies that enhance the attractiveness of cultural and tourist sites or territories. The start-up has also been nominated for the i-Lab innovation competition, a national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies by BPI France in July 2022.

It will soon participate in the IAAPA Expo Europe 2022 in London, an event dedicated to professionals of the leisure industry, gathering more than 500 international companies that will exhibit innovations and new trends in the sector. IMKI will present its latest solutions and applications of generative AI and will offer to experience We Are Legends, an immersive and interactive attraction where the visitor becomes the hero.

We are Legends, a turnkey solution for immersive experiences

We are Legends offers a turnkey solution for immersive and interactive experiences based on deepfake technology. The application embeds visitors in a rich narrative, in which they become the heroes by copying their faces on those of characters from an existing movie, in real time. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, We are Legends offers giant screen projections in 4k.

We are Legends is applicable to all cultural, historical, geographical and thematic contexts (gladiators, pirates, Vikings, sports, etc…), adaptable to all spaces (museum hall, amusement park, monumental projection…) as well as to all digital media (smartphone, mobile terminal, tablet, …).

Frederic Rose, Director and Founder of IMKI, states:

“Our goal is to democratize access to immersive projections thanks to Artificial Intelligence, in order to allow all cultural, national, regional and international actors to develop these new media more easily and thus offer new experiences to their audiences. We are Legends perfectly embodies IMKI’s know-how and our ambition to use new technologies to serve culture and entertainment, and even more, as the possibilities are endless, while delighting the general public with innovative and unprecedented solutions.

Translated from Imki, start-up spécialisée dans la conception et le développement d’IA génératives, présentera « We are Legends » à l’occasion du IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

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