Focus on CaMéX-IA Grand Est, Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications

Focus on CaMéX-IA Grand Est, Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications

CaMéX-IA Grand Est is a Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications (CMQ) with the Excellence label, winner of the PIA3 for the next 8 years. This consortium brings together companies, high schools and higher education institutions with the aim of training in the digitalization and use of AI applied to the trades of industry, building and construction. Since the start of the 2021 school year, high school and university students have been able to benefit from the services of CaMéX-IA, which was inaugurated on 14 December.

In France, there are about a hundred Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications labeled by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports. They bring together secondary and higher education establishments, initial or continuing education, and vocational training players. Built around a sector of excellence corresponding to a regional or national issue, they contribute to supporting territorial economic and social development policies through training.

CaMéX-IA, CMQ focused on digitalization and the use of AI

CaMéX-IA is located on the Campus des Arts et Métiers in Metz, in the heart of the Metz Technopole, a centre of excellence for new technologies that includes higher education institutes (CentraleSupélec, ESITC, ENIM, etc.), numerous companies, research centres and competitive clusters. It brings together more than thirty partners.

This CMQ does not offer new training courses but enriches existing initial or continuous training courses, from CAP to Bac+8, with new skills in digital and the use of AI. At the same time, it accompanies companies in industry, building and construction in the Grand Est, the 2nd largest industrial region in France, towards the qualifications and professions of the future, and therefore towards 4.0.

CaMéX-IA is also a laureate of the PIA3 (future investment program) for the next eight years, the local authorities and partner companies are also involved in this total budget of €13.8M. As a result of this award, the ten high schools and thirteen higher education institutions that it brings together will each receive €100,000 in subsidies.

The objectives of CaMéX-IA

The main objectives of CaMéX-IA Grand Est are to :

  • Develop the skills of learners for the trades of tomorrow to better meet the needs of the industry and construction sectors.
  • Create a synergy between high schools, higher education institutions and companies around training courses oriented towards digitalization and the use of AI.
  • Enable academic institutions to invest in connected educational equipment and virtual and augmented reality.

Since the start of the 2021 academic year, high school and university students from CaMéX-IA partner institutions can benefit from internships, projects or coaching.
The Campus offers six paths and actions:

  • Entrepreneurship courses,
  • 4.0 challenges,
  • business courses,
  • international courses,
  • research and technology transfer courses,
  • continuing education.

Three challenges on display

During the inauguration, three 4.0 challenges were presented:

  • GOTHAM” project: the Louis Vincent high school, the UFR MIM and ArcelorMittal Research are working together to offer an interactive application that displays selected data related to the carbon impact of the facility on a 3D image of a steel mill.
  • DEFTEMP” project: the Oehmichen high school, the Arts et Métiers campus in Châlons en Champagne and CETIM Grand Est are working on the implementation of a technique for capturing and visualizing temporal deformations on industrial parts under stress.
  • SONDE” project: the Couffignal high school, INSA Strasbourg and Colas are working together on the implementation of a digitalized probe for measuring water content.

The “Worthy” application for students

To encourage mutual aid, create links, and provide access to the services of local partners or to internship and job offers, the CROUS has developed the “Worthy” application for CaMéX-IA students.

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