Discover the new issue of ActuIA: Security, AI & Industry, synthetic data…

Discover the new issue of ActuIA: Security, AI & Industry, synthetic data…

It’s fall, and the leading magazine on artificial intelligence is back! Discover new exclusive content focused on research, business and the impact of AI in this edition that closes the year 2022 in style.

In this 9th issue, our team has finely chiseled the following topics: security and AI, the rise of synthetic data, how to succeed with an AI strategy in industry, and the United Kingdom’s ambition to become a superpower in this field.

Here is a summary of the topics covered in this ninth edition of your magazine:

News: enjoy a digest of the most impactful news of recent months in the AI sector: health, ethics, business, culture, etc. All fields are represented!

Features and International: for this ninth issue, we discover AI for security, especially in the heart of the Gendarmerie Nationale with Patrick Perrot. From video surveillance to cybersecurity and easy recognition, this issue offers an overview of security enhanced by new technologies in 2022.

Another topic of choice: What future for image generation? The advent of the text-to-image model is a major breakthrough and this retrospective on the various tools at your disposal will allow you to discover what they are really capable of. Then we invite you over to the UK to take a look at the current and future initiatives of the British government to make the country an AI superpower in less than a decade.

Research: let’s focus on hybrid AI, an attempt to represent the complexity of human intelligence at the intersection of symbolic AI and connectionist AI. Among the research topics discussed in this magazine, let’s mention the ambitious PEPR Diadem, which aims to find tomorrow’s materials in fields such as health, energy or transportation, but also the booming synthetic data.

Then a short trip to Sophia-Antipolis for a visit to the I3S laboratory, where AI is both the main object of study and a useful tool for other disciplines, as well as an overview of the various existing methods on equity from an application point of view with Pierre Colombo.

Impacts: could the use of deepfake in culture become widespread? Kendrick Lamar sets the tone by using this often controversial synthesis technique in the video clip of his track The Heart Part 5. For his part, Yann Ferguson offers a new sociological analysis of AI and its impact on employees. Giovanni Landi unveils the elements to take into account to “educate” the general public on the challenges of AI and to explain the technology while proving its relevance.

Fundraisingand start-ups: a summary of the most recent fundraising, with a complementary analysis provided by Stéphane Nachez, president of Net Square Digital. Let’s also take a look at email, an often untapped productivity tool, with Philippe Garnier, from Emvista, who shows us how AI can help us manage our emails on a daily basis.

Experts’ words and analysis: four personalities speak on topics such as data quality, consumer protection in the face of AI, the use of AI for water conservation, and the alliance between behavioral sciences and AI for organizational hyperperformance. In addition, do you know what metavers are? Don’t miss Laurence Vanin’s insight on how to understand this innovation and how to expand its use.

Industry and Business: at the heart of the company, our interview with Alexis Gendronneau, Director of Data&AI at OVHCloud, will give you the keys to a successful AI strategy in industry. And what about the robustness of AI to noise? Dive into this question and discover the evolutions of the field with Rodolphe Gelin, Augustin Lemesle and Hatem Hajri. Also in this issue, find a retrospective on the progress of conversational AI, especially in contact centers, with forecasted economic data for this sector. With Impact AI, we sought to understand how to adopt a Green AI approach in business and present you with a practical and comprehensive dashboard.

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Translated from Découvrez le nouveau numéro d’ActuIA : Sécurité, IA & Industrie, données synthétiques…