Spain: Spanish Radio and Television (RTVE) relies on AI and the VSNExplorer solution to improve its catalog of documentary content

Spain: Spanish Radio and Television (RTVE) relies on AI and the VSNExplorer solution to improve its catalog of documentary content

Radio Television Española (RTVE), the country’s largest audiovisual group, equivalent to France Televisions in ours, has enlisted the help of VSN, a technology company specializing in the development of advanced software solutions for the broadcasting and media and entertainment industries, to improve the content catalog of its historical archives through AI.

RTVE, Spain’s leading public broadcaster, has issued a tender to apply AI-powered metadata management automation to 11,000 hours of content in its archive, including material produced by TVE in the 1960s and 1970s.

It selected VSNExplorer MAM (Media Asset Management), a cloud-based media and content management system, which combines the technical and economic aspects corresponding to this call, and will work on this project with VSN for 2 years.

VSNExplorer MAM

Founded in 1990 by Jordie Utiel, based in Barcelona, VSN was acquired in 2021 by Valsoft, a Canadian company. It offers solutions for media management, production, planning, multi-platform content distribution, broadcasting and publishing on different channels.

In particular, it designed VSNExplorer MAM to help companies catalog, search and locate, publish, distribute, preview and archive content whenever they want.

Users can modify their file formats by choosing between different transcoding and rendering engines, depending on the system they plan to use later during production, editing, delivery and broadcast.

VSNExplorer MAM integrates with AI search engines to function as a metadata aggregator in this project. Through the integration of RTVE archive materials, including a media file and an XML document containing content information, VSNExplorer is able to analyze, extract, and present multiple content metadata, such as full text transcription or character and location recognition. This data is presented to the documentalist in a single interface.

All this information is available in the VSNExplorer MAM web interface for quality control. In this way, it is possible to consult and edit the results obtained so that they conform to the desired cataloging parameters in a quick and easy way. Virginia Gil, RTVE Documentary Archive project manager, states:

“For the RTVE Documentary Archive, this project not only provides access to thousands of hours of quality content. It is also a unique opportunity to influence the development of technologies that will be commonplace in the future. In addition, we are pioneers in implementing this technology into the daily workflow of the Archive.”

Antonio Brotons, Project Manager at VSN, states:

“RTVE is a reference in the broadcast & media industry for its constant search for innovative solutions. At VSN, we are delighted to once again receive the trust of a leading company such as RTVE. The features of this project show how much Artificial Intelligence integrated in a MAM system can contribute to the cataloguing of content in large documentary archives. With the technology developed by our team, VSN and VSNExplorer MAM are now ready to integrate the benefits that this technology enables.”

Translated from Espagne : La Radio Télévision Espagnole (RTVE) s’appuie sur l’IA et la solution VSNExplorer pour améliorer son catalogue de contenu documentaire

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