CES Las Vegas 2023: 26 companies will be supported by the Occitania Region

CES Las Vegas 2023: 26 companies will be supported by the Occitania Region
Image : Consumer Technology Association

Created in 1967, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is the largest trade show dedicated to technological innovation and a great showcase for start-ups, VSEs and SMEs. For the ninth time, the Occitanie Region will be represented there: its economic development agency, AD’OCC, will accompany 26 regional digital companies from January 5 to 8 for the 2023 edition. Four of them have received a “CES Innovation Award 2023”: A Capela, Odaptos, I-Percut and AllPRiv.

More than 2,400 exhibitors from 164 countries will take part in this event, which is held every year in early January in Las Vegas. 100,000 visitors are expected to attend. Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region will head the regional delegation.

She states:

“The Occitanie Region is once again coming in force at the CES in Las Vegas 2023 with 26 companies participating in the largest international tech event under the Occitanie banner. This year, I wanted to be by their side, in order to promote the exceptional ecosystem that we have in Occitania and to highlight the potential of our companies and their innovations. The stakes are multiple: to help our companies gain visibility and accelerate their international development, but also to convince new partners and companies to come and settle in Occitanie. The CES is also an opportunity to discover and anticipate industrial and technological changes, in order to create the jobs of tomorrow in startups, VSEs and SMEs in our region.

An accompaniment of the agency AD’OCC

This year, the AD’OCC agency and the Occitania Region are supporting 13 companies that will exhibit under the Occitan pavilion in the heart of the France Pavilion, in the EUREKA PARK area dedicated to startups and disruptive innovations, three under other pavilions and 10 others that have come as “visitors”.

To optimize their participation and help them stand out, the agency offered 35 hours of collective and personalized coaching to each of the 26 regional companies participating in the CES.

This coaching program and the support of the Occitania Region House in New York are undeniable assets for them to convince and seduce major accounts, to break into the French and international market, and to effectively approach this extraordinary event.

The companies A Capela, Odaptos, I-Percut and AllPRiv received a “CES Innovation Award”, which recognizes innovative solutions in 28 different categories. The jury, composed of entrepreneurs, journalists, and influencers, awards 3 companies per category and offers increased visibility to the winners.

The 26 start-ups and companies participating in CES 2023

Eureka Park

Acapela / MyOwnVoice Solution / E-Health, Haute-Garonne: Creation of synthetic voices that restore meaning and intention, for all ages, for children, women and men, with emotions and moods. Innovative technology based on neural networks (Deep neural networks). This technology is progressing very quickly and allows us to create even more natural voices, whether for corporate branded voices or for people with communication problems.
Winner of a CES Innovation Award – Digital Health category

Fabco / DappySolution / Blockchain, Haute-Garonne : Domain Name System alternative to DNS

Edison Ways / Greentech, Tarn-et-Garonne : Lighter, safer, sustainable and intelligent electrical installation architecture for all and for all areas.

I-Percut / I-Perskin Solution / Sportech, Tarn : Connected punching bag cover equipped with 8 pressure sensors. This connected cover, a world first, transforms a traditional punching bag into an interactive punching bag.
Winner of a CES Innovation Award – Fitness & Sport category

Meds & Jobs / AssisMed Solution AssisMed PrepaPharma / Company, Tarn : The network of platforms for medical professions.

NanoMade / 2e participation / Company, Haute-Garonne : Nanomade develops and produces the most sensitive force sensors in the world.

Néovigie / Solution Boitier Dati – VigieLink / Security, Haute-Garonne : Helping companies to reach their objectives in terms of security for isolated workers without infringing on the privacy of employees.

Noota / Company, Haute-Garonne : Audio to text transcription software for your meetings, visios, courses, etc.

Odaptos / 2e participation / Business, Hérault : Odaptos helps companies learn from their users’ emotions in order to improve their digital products thanks to artificial intelligence. Its innovative approach focuses on the in-depth analysis of the respondent’s behavioral and sentimental information. Using A.I., it analyzes facial recognition as well as natural language processing.
Winner of a CES Innovation Award – Software & Mobile Apps Category

Skyted / Security, Hérault : Silent mask allowing to make silent and confidential calls in any place.

Solecooler / Solution Climfeet / Sportech, Pyrénées-Orientales : Heating sole thanks to the energy of the steps.

Upfiner / Mobility-Connectivity, Haute-Garonne: Light and easily transportable travel case which, thanks to its patented theft detection and alarm system, will dissuade any ill-intentioned person from taking your belongings.

Vrroom / Metavers, Pyrénées-Orientales : Creator of immersive events in the metaverse.

Other pavilions

AllPRiv / Cyberbrick Solution / Cybersecurity, Hérault : Allpriv provides cybersecurity for large companies and governments, and allows their employees to work anywhere in the same secure conditions as in the office. Allpriv has designed an innovative solution to fill the cybersecurity gap in medical devices.
Winner of a CES Innovation Award – Digital Health Category

Citygem / Technological tourism, Gard: Through its free routes, the CityGem application makes discovering or rediscovering urban wonders pleasant and effortless.

Synox / Mobility, Hérault : IoT integrator and editor of IoT solutions, facilitator of projects for the Internet of Things.


All sports vintage / Retail, Pyrénées-Orientales : The specialist of online customization of real leather decorative objects on sports.

Algolabe / Company, Tarn : Al’goLab offers services and training in data representation, decisional algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Elios’s / Company, Pyrénées-Orientales : Photovoltaic design office specialized in the installation of solar panels.

Espace entreprise / Company, Hérault : Co-working space.

Eye-Light / Mobility, Haute-Garonne: Head-up display for motorcycles and cars.

Mix and shake / Company, Pyrénées-Orientales : Innovative solutions to manage bars and restaurants in music festivals.

NTWU / Entertainment, Pyrénées-Orientales : Event agency.

Profileo / Company, Pyrénées-Orientales : First service dedicated to prestashop maintenance.

Teoola / Company, Hérault : Mobile application for live show.

Orbatics / Telecom & Mobility, Haute-Garonne : Satellite products and services : GPS, satellite telephony, radio communications, ruggedized products, ATEX, professional GPS.

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