AI-assisted creation: Midjourney creates 240 ads in a few minutes

AI-assisted creation: Midjourney creates 240 ads in a few minutes
Photo : 10 days

The use of AI, in particular Midjourney to create a work of art, raises many controversies, the British advertising agency 10 days, which, as its name suggests, develops communication campaigns in just 10 days, decided to demonstrate that AI-assisted creation will soon disrupt the art creation industry. To this end, it used Midjourney to produce 24 different advertising posters in less than a minute for 10 famous brands.

Based in London and founded by brothers Jolyon, George and Dominic White, the 10 days agency aims to give scale-up brands the chance to grow quickly with high-quality but low-cost advertising campaigns that it commits to producing in 10 days or less. It also has clients such as Red Bull, Tik Tok…

Creating advertising posters in record time thanks to AI

The three brothers conducted this experiment to demonstrate the creative potential of AI. They chose 10 famous brands, including British Airways, Colgate, Gucci, KFC, Nespresso, Rayban…

They used the AI model Text-To-Image Midjourney and with a few keywords, it produced 24 images with different graphics per brand in a few minutes. The result may be debatable but it hints at an increasingly frequent use of art-generating AI.

An AI instead of a human?

The agency has managed to demonstrate that AI has the potential to reduce the production time of an advertising campaign, although the results obtained need to be improved. For Jolyon White, AI-assisted creation will soon come to revolutionize the creative arts industry, he told The Stable:

“It’s amazing what AI can achieve with the right set of keywords. We are now able to create 24 layouts in the time it takes our art director to take his first sip of coffee. At 10 Days, we’re always trying to break the traditional ad agency formula. AI is just one of the many ways we do that.”

However, he said he is aware of the problem of AI replacing humans. His brother George seems more confident and states:

“AI creativity has a huge future ahead of it. Humans and AI will work hand in hand, it’s how we harness it that will be exciting. Soon, the possibilities will be endless.”

Translated from Création assistée par l’IA : Midjourney crée 240 publicités en quelques minutes

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