The House of Mathematics and Computer Science presents the exhibition “Enter the world of AI” in Lyon

The House of Mathematics and Computer Science presents the exhibition “Enter the world of AI” in Lyon
Photo : Leturcq, MMI Lyon

We have seen in the last few years that scientific culture is essential. It is an integral part of culture and it is all the more important as many political decisions rely on science. To be able to think, to make informed decisions, to make enlightened choices, requires to know what can be done or not, what is certain or not and especially how science works.

Artificial intelligence is a current topic on which, as citizens, we hope to have our say. Through this exhibition, the MMI invites you to understand what artificial intelligence is, to know what it can or cannot do, to imagine what it can do and to think about how we would like to use it in the future.

Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, is a set of concepts and techniques that we currently find everywhere: in the media, in conversations, in our work, in our leisure time… But what is it exactly?

This exhibition proposes to the visitors to enter the world of AI and to discover the impacts that it can have on the current society. Designed by specialists in mathematics and computer science (researchers, academics, technicians…), presenting a serious and rigorous work on the issue, this exhibition allows a first approach of AI, while demystifying it, through the reading of panels, educational boards, interactive workshops, testimonies…

The themes of the exhibition

  • History of AI
  • Women and AI
  • AI and me
  • AI and its applications
  • The limits of AI
  • AI and the game
  • Machine learning
  • Talking with an AI
  • AI in medicine
  • AI and its consumption
  • AI jobs
  • Bias and discrimination

An exhibition aimed at the young public

Faithful to its values, the MMI always designs its exhibitions with the young public in mind, and in particular the school public. Future generations will have to make decisions about the use of AI in various fields, so it is crucial to be informed about what AI is, what it can or cannot do, what it can or cannot do, far from the fantasies conveyed here and there.

Its cultural season for the general public is full of activities for families (stories, workshops, games, screenings…) to help young people understand the themes addressed in the exhibition (For more information, see the 2021-2022 catalog).

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Translated from La maison des mathématiques et de l’informatique présente l’exposition « Entrez dans le monde de l’IA » à Lyon

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