Teradata Vantage: A Data Storage Platform to Help Enterprises Move to the Cloud

Teradata Vantage: A Data Storage Platform to Help Enterprises Move to the Cloud

In a partnership, Deloitte, a company providing audit, consulting, tax and advisory services, and Teradata, a technology company specializing in multi-cloud data, have launched an initiative to ensure that their customers can leverage the Teradata Vantage tool. The goal is to successfully migrate companies’ on-premises analytics data management environments to the multi-cloud data platform. Both organizations will leverage their expertise to achieve this goal.

Collaboration to pool Teradata and Deloitte expertise

Deloitte and Teradata have decided to work together to provide their customers with hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The objective is to allow companies to simplify their ecosystem into a single analytical platform in the cloud. This will allow companies already benefiting from Deloitte or Teradata services to migrate seamlessly and quickly from their current platforms to the cloud.

Ashish Verma, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and head of Data and Analytics Modernization, refers to

“The future of business requires more speed, agility and innovation. These qualities are essential for a cloud-based analytics platform and are key components of the Teradata Vantage platform, which is positioned as one of the most advanced in the industry. With Teradata’s help, we have developed a modernization strategy that enables new and existing Teradata customers to harness the power of the cloud and efficiently orchestrate their workloads seamlessly, at scale on Teradata Vantage.”

Teradata Vantage

: a multi-cloud data platform
Teradata Vantage is a multi-cloud data platform that aims to simplify the ecosystem by combining analytics, data warehouses and data lakes. With this solution, companies can eliminate data silos and have access to their data at any time, regardless of where it is stored.

Through the partnership with Deloitte, companies have the ability to combine this platform with other Deloitte services such as first-party cloud services and extend their cloud ecosystem while benefiting from deep integration of specific cloud-native services.

Pascal Mazure, SVP, Worldwide Alliances and Partners at Teradata, explains the value of a company moving to the cloud to accelerate its digital transformation:

“In order to accelerate their digital transformation and achieve business results across their entire organization, companies need a cloud-based big data platform that can efficiently analyze data from multiple sources – Teradata Vantage is the only platform that offers this, while having the lowest cost per query. As a result, our joint customers will be able to take advantage of this new low-risk, fast path to the cloud and benefit from the support of two recognized players in enterprise data management – both committed to accelerating business outcomes with agility and innovation.”

Translated from Teradata Vantage : une plateforme de stockage de données pour aider les entreprises à migrer vers le cloud

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