Sigfox and Coral sign strategic IoT partnership to bring AI locally

Sigfox and Coral sign strategic IoT partnership to bring AI locally

Sigfox, one of the pioneers of the 0G network and provider of communication services related to the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced its partnership with Coral. This platform of hardware and software components from Google aims to create devices with local AI and leveraging the edge. Applications for these devices include smart construction or traffic control.

IoT at the heart of the partnership between Sigfox and Coral

As other industries integrate IoT devices into their operations, more data is being collected than ever before, and industry leaders are struggling to find fast and cost-effective ways to transport and exploit it. To address this challenge, Coral is providing the technology to Sigfox to run a machine learning model locally at the edge without the need to send large amounts of data to the cloud. Ajay K. Nair, Product Evangelist, Machine Learning Solutions at Google said:

“At Coral, we believe that effective AI starts with enabling capabilities at the edge. The Coral Partner Program aims to expand the edge AI ecosystem with our partners to support a broader range of industrial, IoT and cloud-based solutions by enabling deployment on these edge nodes. The addition of Sigfox to our ecosystem allows engineers to leverage the Sigfox 0G network, making it easier to collect and stream the right data from remote, low-power or low-connectivity settings without having to sacrifice efficiency or privacy in the process.”

A collaboration to enable cloud data acquisition and processing at the edge

With this partnership, it will be possible to integrate the Coral Edge TPU into an IoT device, which would reduce costs and minimize power consumption when acquiring data and new information. Once the raw data is processed and its value has been harvested at the edge of the device, the Sigfox 0G network will transport it quickly and at very low cost to the customer’s platform.

Guillaume Simenel, vice president of product and strategic partners at Sigfox is delighted with the partnership:

“After signing a partnership with Google Cloud earlier this year, we are thrilled to begin a collaboration with Coral and look forward to developing new solutions that will help all kinds of industries harvest the true value of their data.”

The innovations from this collaboration will be applicable to a number of industrial use cases such as smart buildings, traffic monitoring and anomaly detection. For example, Coral-enabled sensors can help understand population flows in parks, streets, workplaces, or shopping malls while preserving people’s privacy using local AI, a fast and reliable process that keeps user data out of reach. Integrating this data into a larger model can help efficiently allocate shared resources and improve incident response.

Translated from Sigfox et Coral signent un partenariat stratégique dans l’IoT pour amener l’IA localement

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