Nine European companies selected for Softbank Vision Fund and Speedinvest’s EMERGE 2021 program

Nine European companies selected for Softbank Vision Fund and Speedinvest’s EMERGE 2021 program

Following the success of the first Emerge accelerator program launched in the United States, the first European edition was launched this summer. In total, more than 600 European companies from 30 countries applied for the Emerge 2021 program. On October 19, 2021, Softbank Vision Fund and Speedinvest announced the 9 companies selected. The program aims to promote diversity in technology by providing financial support to underrepresented founders as well as a connection to the networks and tools needed to grow their companies.

“There are two things I particularly like about Emerge,” said Oliver Holle

, co-founder and managing partner of Speedinvest. “First, the incredible breadth and depth of quality startups we see. It’s just a great deal to invest in these founders. And secondly, Softbank, Speedinvest and all of our valued partners are not only talking the talk, but we are investing a lot of money. Funding is what these amazing teams need above all else, and that’s where Emerge delivers above and beyond many other well-intentioned initiatives.”
The 9 startups will receive not only equity investment but also a customized program with mentorship and training provided by a group of Europe’s leading VCs such as Softbank Investment Advisers (SBIA), Speedinvest, Breega, Cherry Ventures, Firstminute Capital and Kindred. Experienced operating professionals from SBIA and other partners will support them and they will interact with over 300 entrepreneurs from Softbank’s global technology ecosystem.

The eight-week program will focus on growth, hiring, fundraising and investor engagement. In roundtables and workshops, topics selected by the applicants will be discussed on go-to-market and growth strategies, fundraising, storytelling, customers and products.

Members of the Class of 2021 will be able to connect with their mentors on a weekly basis and interact with seasoned entrepreneurs. Experts from global law firm Linklaters, which has joined the accelerator as a strategic partner, will provide technical advice and insight.

At the end of the program, at an event in December, the candidates will defend their project in front of a panel of experienced investors and have to convince them to invest in them.

Startup Class 2021

  • Blloc: An app that offers a new home screen for phones to help users reduce the amount of time they spend on
    to help users reduce screen time and ultimately boost their productivity.
  • Credrails: A platform to develop open banking and the growth of the digital economy in
    economy in Africa.
  • FiatRepublic: Banking API mixing banking services and crypto.
  • Juli: Platform that empowers patients and caregivers to manage complex chronic
    complex chronic diseases through an AI-powered application.
  • Kwara: Digital banking platform that aims to transform emerging market credit unions into neobanks.
  • PearBio: A program that visualizes and analyzes cancer progression to find tailored and effective therapies for each patient.
  • Robin AI: A contract simplification service that automates management through a combination of software, AI and expert oversight, to relieve companies
    in their administrative tasks.
  • Vitaance: Life insurance that helps people improve their quality of life through financial, emotional and physical well-being.
  • The Stack World: A digital marketplace for women designers to offer their skills to a
    to a community.

As for the applications, the majority came from the UK (44%),
Germany (13%), Sweden (8%), France (7%) and the Netherlands (4%). Companies from 30 different countries applied and Emerge also received applications from start-ups in Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia. Thirteen industries stood out in the program’s applications, including: consumer services (16%), marketplaces (14%), DeepTech (13%), enterprise (11%) and e-health (10%). The climate tech sector (6%) and agritech (4%) are also among the applicants.

As the Emerge accelerator is aimed at companies in the seed phase, most of the
startups that applied (70%) did not raise more than $500,000 and relied on funding from business angels (24%) or family and friends (21%).

Translated from Neuf entreprises européennes sélectionnées pour le programme EMERGE 2021 de Softbank Vision Fund et Speedinvest

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