Latest AI news from France !

    Latest AI news from France !
    Actu IA
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    ActuIA was founded 2 years ago after we noticed there was a lack of up-to-date information about AI in French. We focus on every aspect of artificial intelligence, among which: techniques, ethics, new startups and impact on our society. Our goals are to democratize AI knowledge by breaking language barriers and to promote the French AI ecosystem.

    Today, ActuIA is the first news source dedicated to AI/ML in French. We are pleased to go further, launching this new English section.

    Let’s make things clear: We don’t aim at becoming a major global website, French will stay our main language because there already are a lot of great resources in English and we know some people do it very well, even in France (take a look at France is AI for example). We will just sum up some of the news we publish to make them available to a broader audience because we are sure they deserve it! In some sense, we will break the language barriers in the other direction! 🙂

    Stay informed by following our English account on Twitter : @Actuiaen

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