Generalization of health data sharing: launch of the digital component of the Ségur de la santé

Generalization of health data sharing: launch of the digital component of the Ségur de la santé

Two billion euros: this is the amount that will be devoted to health professionals and software publishers in the field as part of the digital component of the Ségur de la santé. This project is intended to be a real accelerator of the digital health roadmap to generalize the sharing of health data. 1.4 billion euros will be allocated to this theme while 600 million euros will be dedicated to the medico-social sector.

An investment plan to improve the use of digital health in France

The digital component of the Ségur de la santé aims to generalize the secure sharing of data between professionals and patients throughout the country, thanks to the harmonization and optimization of the digital tools currently used by the latter, in order to improve the care pathway and the treatment of all. This component is part of the national roadmap for digital health, led by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

Thus, a massive investment of two billion euros in digital will be implemented while the first year of the Ségur de la Santé comes to an end. The second year will focus on healthcare professionals and software publishers so that they can adapt to these tools.

This approach focuses on three aspects:

  • By the ambition it carries and the scope of the work carried out: it is all the health software used in France (by hospitals, doctors, pharmacies) that will be updated to integrate the same common technical base.
  • By the method, which is based on co-construction with professionals in the field, and which allows the State to label and finance the new digital solutions. In total, more than 200 people from the digital and health sectors are working on this project, grouped by profession (hospital, community medicine, etc.) to build tomorrow’s health together.
  • By the levers of action with the implementation of a system of innovative software purchase by the public authorities on behalf of the players in the health care supply (called Open and Non-Selective System – SONS) and financing and regulatory levers directly associated with the usage objectives.

Priority to health professionals and institutions to help them appropriate digital

As of July 2021, details of the funding arrangements are communicated for software equipment for the following sectors: Imaging, Medical Biology, City Physician and Hospitals. With a rapid deployment, Le Ségur du numérique aims to give a boost to catch up in the modernization, regulation and securing of health information systems used by health professionals and institutions, both public and private.

To make this happen, the Ségur has two objectives:

  • Upgrading the entire IT infrastructure to ensure interoperability is financed by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, via the Open and Non-Selective System.
  • Supporting the transformation, through flat-rate financing conditional on the achievement of usage targets, in order to commit health care institutions to a process of using these new digital tools.

To focus on citizens so that they become actors in their health through better data management

Within two years, the digital health space unique to each citizen, “Mon Espace Santé”, should be compatible with all software used by health professionals. Within 3 years, the objective is to reach 500 million documents exchanged per year via this space. This space should be generalized to the whole population by January 2022, with useful tools for everyday life and adapted to current uses such as the shared diary, secure messaging, the integrated and automated shared medical record.

The application decrees of the law relating to the organization and transformation of the health system, known as the “OTSS law”, defining the operating mode of My Health Space and the changes made to the shared medical record are about to be published in the official journal. Find below, the calendar of all the measures of the digital section:

Calendrier pilier numérique volet données santé

Translated from Généralisation du partage des données de santé : lancement du volet numérique du Ségur de la santé

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