Focus on the automation of COVID-19 reports from Santé Publique France by Dynacentrix

Focus on the automation of COVID-19 reports from Santé Publique France by Dynacentrix

Santé publique France, the agency in charge of the epidemiological surveillance of covid-19 , is in charge of the national health surveillance and alert system and provides the Ministry of Health with all the indicators needed to monitor the COVID-19 epidemic on a daily basis. It relies on numerous partners who ensure the collection and reporting of information and the robustness of the information system.

More than 150 indicators of the epidemic are monitored and analysed by Santé Publique France, which produces daily reports and expert notes for decision-makers (these data are available in open data on and feed the TousAntiCovid application).

Faced with the complexity of information flows and the multitude of indicators, the automation of Covid report generation has proved to be a major ally. This has allowed stakeholders to free up additional time for data analysis and interpretation, which is especially valuable in times of health crisis, when there are many emergencies.

This automation of Covid report generation was entrusted to an external service provider: Dynacentrix, a Big Data & AI service provider specialized in data governance and industrialization of predictive reports. Dynacentrix has provided in this context an audit Diag Data AI then developed the report automation solution in its Data AI Studio.

The mission led by Dynacentrix has thus allowed in a few weeks to automate the COVID-19 reports, analyses, graphs and appendices for the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, to facilitate and accelerate the provision of monitoring elements of the evolution of the health crisis in France.

A team training was carried out before the production launch to facilitate the implementation of the project and to make the teams autonomous. Based on the existing R Studio Enterprise technical base, Dynacentrix was able to :

  • Automate reports (texts, figures and graphs), each containing several hundred indicators updated every day, including holidays
  • Centralize the data needed for the reports, with the help of the IT department
  • Automatically develop and format the reports of the different teams into a single report
  • Ensure the operational follow-up and maintenance of the COVID-19 Barometer

Laëtitia HUIART, Scientific Director of Santé Publique France, who praises the quality of the support and responsiveness of the provider said:

“The teams appreciate the results every day! When, for technical reasons, the data arrives late, the speed of production of the report allows us to produce the report with a schedule that is still compatible with the needs of our authorities.”

To consult the key figures and the evolution of the Covid 19 and in the world:

Translated from Zoom sur l’automatisation des rapports COVID-19 de Santé Publique France par Dynacentrix

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