Energia Tech 2021: a hackathon to develop solutions for renewable energy

Energia Tech 2021: a hackathon to develop solutions for renewable energy

On September 16 and 17, 2021 will be held the Energia Tech Hackathon, a collaborative challenge around renewable energy. Registration is open until June 20 . The objective for competitors will be to propose innovative digital solutions to better measure, save, produce and distribute renewable energy. Energy Tech 2021 will mark the second edition of the competition and the 2020 edition had awarded four different solutions.

A hackathon based on renewable energy in the Occitanie region

Energia Tech is a hackathon organized by Genvia, a company specialized in the production of low-carbon hydrogen, with the support of the Occitanie region, AD’OCC, La Cité de Toulouse, the DERBI cluster, Digital 113, Aerospace Valley, the Toulouse French Tech, RésO IP+, Nubbo, the BIC of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Innovosud, Pépite ECRIN, the EPF school, At Home and Schlumberger

This hackathon was designed as an educational program allowing participants to put their strengths and main skills to work in designing a digital solution to better measure, produce, distribute, plan, value and save renewable energy throughout Occitania. These six issues are the themes of the event.

Back to the 2020 edition of the Energia Tech hackathon

In 2020, the first edition of the Energia Tech Hackathon took place in Montpellier. 118 participants had gathered, representing each of the 10 projects selected after the first selection phase:

Two solutions for “Distribute”:

  • SmartFlow, intelligence for the management of renewable energy technologies: Optimal management of microgrids
  • Green Stations for electric mobility: Helping the growth of electric mobility while minimizing the impact on existing infrastructures

Four solutions for “Enhance”:

  • Energy tend ers in Occitania at your fingertips: Make visible and accessible the tenders of the renewable energy sector in Occitania
  • PROJECT ZEUS, a video game that teaches you more about renewable energies: Involving energy consumers by giving them a fun experience so that they become actors of change
  • The geothermal potential of the Occitanie region finally revealed: Developing the geothermal sector in Occitanie by highlighting the region’s geothermal potential
  • An energy community with increased collective intelligence + ENR – expensive: Making energy communities attractive and affordable to encourage their emergence

Three solutions to “Save”:

  • Solar Experience, a solar panel creation and awareness workshop: Raising awareness through experience of the accessibility of renewable energy and the implementation of a common production monitoring system
  • Eco-responsible platform that manages your photos sustainably: To become aware of a digital sobriety to be developed by everyone
  • Flex’O or how to optimize the use of local renewable energy to manage the water network: Saving energy by optimizing the use of renewable energy through the transfer of electricity consumption from the water network

One solution to “Plan”:

  • Optimise the development of electric mobility in the region: Encourage electric mobility by developing a systematic and replicable approach to anticipate the arrival of EVs

The entrepreneur prize had been awarded to the energy tenders in Occitania. The winner of the challenge prize was The geothermal potential of the Occitanie Region finally revealed. The Coup de coeur prize was awarded to Solar Experience. The winner of the City of the Economy and Professions of Tomorrow Prize was the Eco-responsible Platform for Sustainable Photo Management.

How to participate?

Until June 20, structures wishing to present their idea, concept or digital solution project that would fit into the concept of the hackathon and the renewable energy strategy of the Occitania region can submit their applications here. From then on, registrations will open for people specialized in the fields of energy or digital wishing to participate in the hackathon as a coach or as a team member for one of the projects selected for the 2021 edition.

Following this, on 16 and 17 September 2021, more than one hundred people with expertise in digital or energy will have 36 hours to complete their project and build together an innovative solution for energy autonomy.

Translated from Energia Tech 2021 : un hackathon pour développer des solutions favorisant l’énergie renouvelable

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