Axis Communications shifts strategy to accelerate integration of AI into its solutions

Axis Communications shifts strategy to accelerate integration of AI into its solutions

Axis Communications, a leading provider of network and IP video solutions, today announced a new strategy to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence into its offerings. The company aims to provide tailored offerings by adopting AI-related technologies. A dedicated platform has been designed for this purpose.

A strategic shift to meet specific needs

In the new AI integration strategy led by Axis Communication, the objective is to deploy AI solutions focused on frequent customer uses, such as:

  • Rigorous alarms triggering direct action as well as event-based recording that minimizes false positives and missed alarms.
  • More accurate search of video in the event of an incident (real-time recording).
  • Efficient management of personnel and operations through automated alerts.

One example is AXIS Object Analytics, which provides large-scale analytics for a number of use cases in areas such as warehouses, car parks, industrial sites, public buildings, etc. It detects intrusions, protects a perimeter and monitors prohibited or restricted areas. This solution is automatically integrated into Axis cameras.

A platform for developing customized applications

Axis has also created the ACAP platform, which enables its partners to develop custom applications to be run directly on Axis devices. The aim is to enable cloud developers to enter the world of security. Axis wants to leverage the industry’s known tool chains and APIs.

Through programming, the same application can be deployed on different platforms, they no longer need to be either at the edge, on a server or in the cloud. Developers focus on the application and not the platform so that users benefit from an even more efficient solution.

Petra Bennermark, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications, commented on the strategic shift the firm has made:

“With the development of our own ARTPEC processor, our application platform, our independence from VMS, our wide range of cameras and finally the integration of AI analytics, we offer ever more intelligent solutions. This unique approach positions us as a leader in the video security market.”

Mieke De Ketelaere, AI expert, spoke about this strategy she helped develop:

“Of all the companies I’ve worked with recently, Axis Communications’ approach to AI is one of the best I’ve ever seen. At the technical level, Axis has fully understood the great future of edge computing. At the enterprise level, the partners’ ecosystem approach will continue to deliver exponential value.”

Translated from Axis Communications opère un virage dans sa stratégie pour accélérer l’intégration de l’IA dans ses solutions

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