Atos launches its computer vision platform for multiple use cases

Atos launches its computer vision platform for multiple use cases

During the 2021 edition of the Atos Technology Days, Atos unveiled its new Atos Computer Vision Plateform.This platform is dedicated to the analysis of videos and images thanks to AI. Users of the system will be able to use computer vision to process and analyze very large amounts of complex data, whether in video or image format, in a variety of contexts: specific working conditions, industrial processes, security and surveillance processes, etc.

A computer vision tool that adapts to a wide range of use cases

With the Atos Computer Vision Platform, it is possible to perform AI-based video and image analysis on a wide range of use cases: security, traffic monitoring in transportation, quality control in manufacturing, geolocation monitoring, industrial process optimization, smart city management, point-of-sale security or crowd control.

The tool offers several features:

  • Expertise, consulting and services provided by AI-based computer vision experts from 6 dedicated labs (Dallas, London, Sao Paulo, Grenoble, Dubai and Singapore) to develop custom AI models that meet specific customer needs and comply with local regulations, all complemented by post-deployment support management and model tuning.
  • Software products and services based on VISuite, a suite of pre-trained and customizable AI models based on Atos IP (including Ipsotek and VI Protect) and a robust partner ecosystem.
  • Hardware products and services: BullSequana Edge nano and BullSequana Edge servers that can be installed anywhere, BullSequana SA20G server with high storage capacity and BullSequana X451 server with maximum GPU density.

A platform including many pre-trained and customizable AI models

The tool offers a portfolio of pre-trained and customizable AI models, enriched by the expertise of 6 Atos AI Computer Vision labs. The system retrieves all the data needed to implement one of the many use cases available and can provide a wealth of useful information to businesses, which are then able to reduce their error rate, ensure the safety of people and goods, and offer smooth and personalized experiences to their customers.

Elitsa Bakalova, Senior Professional Services Analyst at Technology Business Research, discusses the specifics of the Atos Computer Vision Platform compared to other computer vision software:

“Atos is different from other IT service providers in its ability to offer a computer vision platform, combining its own software suite, hardware portfolio and ‘AI computer vision’ labs, to provide clients with holistic consulting, creation and execution solutions that meet their strategic needs. The integration of pre-trained and customizable AI models into hardware enhances Atos’ ability to drive profitable growth through automation and recurring revenue streams.”

Emmanuel Le Roux, SVP, Global Head of Big Data Offering at Atos, puts his finger on one of the features that makes this new tool so powerful:

“One of the unique features of Atos Computer Vision Platform is its considerable ability to bring a new dimension to computer vision projects. Our pre-trained and customizable AI models, backed by the expertise of our teams, give companies the means to industrialize and deploy a computer vision solution, at a much faster pace than in-house development would allow.”

Translated from Atos lance sa plateforme de vision par ordinateur prenant en compte de nombreux cas d’usage

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