Atos and Graphcore Announce Partnership to Develop High Performance Computing Solutions

Atos and Graphcore Announce Partnership to Develop High Performance Computing Solutions

On the one hand, Atos, a French specialist in digital transformation, which earlier this month presented its new computer vision platform, but also its ThinkAI solution to boost AI applications. On the other side, Graphcore, whose Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) microprocessor is used by the University of Paris in its cosmology studies. The two firms announced their partnership to provide high performance computing solutions based on AI and exploiting each of these two innovations: ThinkAIand the IPU.

Atos and Graphcore partner to deliver high-performance computing solutions

Through this partnership, Graphcore will gain access to new customers, as well as new industry and geographic markets, thanks to Atos’ long-standing positioning in high performance computing (HPC), specializing in consulting, publishing and large-scale integration of HPC solutions.

Graphcore will also work with Atos to expand its global presence by targeting large corporations in industries such as finance, healthcare, telecommunications and consumer Internet, as well as research-based universities and laboratories that are rapidly developing their AI capabilities.

The IPU manufacturer plays an important role in ThinkAI, Atos’ tool to accelerate pure AI applications and enrich traditional HPC simulation with AI.

Enhancing Atos’ ThinkAI

with Graphcore Technology
ThinkAI combines Atos’ AI consulting capabilities, supported by experts from its Advanced Computing Center of Excellence, with its software and security solutions, such asAtos HPC Software Suites, to enable companies to implement and industrialize AI technologies faster.

Fabrice Moizan, GM and SVP Sales EMEAI and Asia Pacific at Graphcore, refers to Atos’ tool:


is a testament to the unwavering commitment of Atos, one of the world’s most renowned technology companies, to developing artificial intelligence. The fact that Graphcore is becoming a key partner in Atos’ strategy says a lot about the maturity of our hardware and software, as well as the ability of our systems to meet our customers’ needs.”
Agnès Boudot, SVP, Head of HPC & Quantum at Atos, discusses Graphcore’s contribution to the French digital transformation company’s solution:

“With ThinkAI, we are empowering companies across all industries to innovate with AI. Graphcore’s IPUs and Poplar software open up new opportunities for companies to explore the potential of AI, while benefiting from our industry consulting services, security solutions and software. We look forward to integrating these cutting-edge technologies into our ThinkAI solution.”

The two companies have already welcomed their first joint customer. Indeed, one of South Korea’s largest cloud service providers will use Graphcore systems within its AI-based cloud datacenters, as part of an
facilitated by Atos.

Translated from Atos et Graphcore annoncent leur partenariat pour concevoir des solutions de calcul haute performance

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