A look back at the two Arts et Métiers projects, winners of the AMI “Territoires d’industrie 4.0 : anticiper les compétences de demain

A look back at the two Arts et Métiers projects, winners of the AMI “Territoires d’industrie 4.0 : anticiper les compétences de demain

As part of the Territoires d’industrie program, the Government and the Banque des Territoires launched the AMI “Territoires d’industrie 4.0: anticipating tomorrow’s skills” to support the realization of projects that meet the training needs of the industry of the future well identified in a territory, through support in the form of co-financing of engineering, seed funding and financing of intangible and tangible investments. Among the 41 projects selected, two were presented by the Metz and Bordeaux campuses of Arts et Métiers.

In November 2018, Edouard Philippe, then Prime Minister, launched the “Territoires d’industrie” initiative at the National Industry Council. Part of the government’s strategy to win back industry and develop territories, its objective is to bring together all public authorities (local authorities, EPCIs, the State, operators…) and industrial players in order to identify the needs of the territories and provide concrete responses.

To support and accelerate the development of French territories with a strong industrial dimension, financial, technical and human resources have been mobilized to facilitate the deployment of new industrial projects, based on four priorities:

  • Investing in development and industrial real estate;
  • Supporting the energy and environmental transition of industry;
  • Supporting the transformation of industrial training and professions;
  • Supporting local industrial strategies.

After the first AMI of Territoires d’industrie, which will double the number of production schools by the start of the school year in 2023 (39 projects supported in 2021), the State and the Banque des Territoires launched the AMI “Territoires d’industrie 4.0: anticipating the skills of tomorrow”, which in turn selected 41 projects, selected in 12 metropolitan regions and two in overseas France, out of 59 applications received.

This second AMI, with a budget of 10 million euros, aims to address a dual challenge: for training providers, it is a matter of developing new training programs that meet the needs of industry, and for manufacturers, it is a matter of integrating these new technologies and skills into current production processes.

The two projects led by Arts et Métiers

Founded in 1780, the Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) is one of the oldest engineering schools in France and has been part of the Hautes Écoles Sorbonne Arts et Métiers Université (HESAM) since 2013. It has 8 campuses and 3 institutes and trains more than 6,000 students each year from bac+3 to bac+8.

The scientific activities of Arts et Métiers are dedicated to several challenges of the industry of the future: transportation, energy, housing, health, and production, to which the 15 laboratories of the institution respond. The research partnerships are rooted in the territories.

  • The “Actif-IA” project on the Arts et Métiers campus in Metz

The goal of this project is to accelerate the training of talented individuals who are changing careers, looking for a job, and/or wishing to improve their skills in the use of digital and AI technologies for industrial transition. To this end, Arts et Métiers has launched a plan to modernize its machine park, educational tools for training, and a digital training syllabus to train “metaverse” engineers.

  • The project “Agile assembly and disassembly platform to support change in Industry 4.0” at the Arts et Métiers campus in Bordeaux

The project aims to physically and virtually specify a reconfigurable assembly – disassembly platform on the Arts et Métiers campus for initial and continuing education. It also focuses on dual platforms of reduced size allowing learners scattered over the territory to benefit from quality teaching and industrialists to find a personalized proximity support.

Translated from Retour sur les deux projets d’Arts et Métiers, lauréats de l’AMI « Territoires d’industrie 4.0 : anticiper les compétences de demain »

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